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7 Method to Fix Facebook not Working Issue on your Device

Facebook is the oldest social media platform and it is still the most popular online platform to connect with friends in family. It is a website that lets users connect with friends, or strangers online by signing up for free profiles. People believe that it is safer and easier for them to express themselves online than in person because they can customise things on Facebook in their own way. Facebook is used for a lot of things, including serving as a news platform. For other websites to log in, Facebook is required to build a professional profile. In short, it has its importance in our daily life but sometimes when some issue occurs that Facebook is not working, you are not able to access Facebook then it creates a lot of problems, and here is your solution for this. 

7 Solutions to fix Facebook is not Working

  1. Stable wifi and internet connection

A stable WiFi and internet connection are very important to run any online platform. If your network is unstable, your Facebook platform will not work. Connect your Facebook to a stable connection. 

  1. Update your Facebook app

Sometimes if there is an update for Facebook and you are still using the old version, it is possible that Facebook will stop working and issues with Facebook occur. Check it by going to the Google Play Store if there is any update or not. If there is then update it now. 

  1. Clear the cache 

On the settings and clear the Facebook cache from your device.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall

If there is any problem in the settings of Facebook that you do not know then uninstall the app and reinstall it. By doing this it will refresh and reset all the settings of Facebook and it will start working again properly. 

  1. Restart your device

Sometimes there is no problem with Facebook but it is with your device. Restarting your device for once will solve this issue completely. 

  1. Try to use Facebook from the browser

If there is Facebook account is not working error then If your app is not working, try to use it on the browser. Maybe after some time if you try to use the app then it will start working.

  1. Close and reopen

Close your app and also remove it from the running background. After 3-4 minutes again open the app. Sometimes this simple trick is of great use.  


These are some hacks and tricks you can do if your Facebook is not working. It is not a big deal and to worry about it. If technical and digital things have made our lives easy then it does not mean that no glitch or issue will occur using it. The important thing is you need to know how to solve it rather than worrying. I hope you all read this article to the end and find it beneficial for you to solve your Facebook is Not Working Issue. To read such informative and useful manuals, blogs, and articles you can visit Way Binary anytime.

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