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Are Electric Rodent Pokemon Actually Rodents?


I like rodents. Whereas many individuals discover them disconcerting and even disgusting, I believe they’re lovely, at the least more often than not. I’ve a really robust connection to them; they’d be my Patronus if I had one. That is partially why Raichu is my favourite Pokemon. It’s additionally as a result of Electrical is my favourite sort. Do you see the place that is going? Mainly, I like all the electrical rodent Pokemon, generally generally known as the Pikachu household or Pikaclones.

However there’s something that has been bothering me. It’s one thing that solely a rodent-obsessed individual like me would take into consideration. I began questioning… are the electrical rodents truly rodents? Not less than based mostly on scientists’ organic taxonomy? Let’s discover out!

Defining Rodents

Listed here are all the electrical rodent Pokemon in existence (on the time of writing) and what they’re based mostly on:

  • Pikachu (Mouse)
  • Raichu (Mouse)
  • Pichu (Mouse)
  • Plusle (Rabbit)
  • Minun (Rabbit)
  • Pachirisu (Squirrel)
  • Emolga (Flying Squirrel)
  • Dedene (Dormouse/Leaping mouse)
  • Togedemaru (Hedgehog/Porcupine)
  • Morpeko (Hamster)

In case you want a visible help, you’ll be able to see all of the rodents within the photos beneath.

Pikachu family, Pikaclone

From left to proper, you’ll be able to see: Minun, Pachirisu, Plusle, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Dedene, Emolga, Togedemaru.

And don’t neglect Morpeko, who’s proven beneath!

Take an in depth have a look at the completely different rodent Pokemon, and also you’ll discover one thing. A few of them have large entrance tooth (like a beaver) and a few don’t. And that is the place the query of their rodent standing is available in. These large entrance tooth are extraordinarily vital as a result of they’re actually what determine species as rodents.

In biology, rodents belong to the scientific order of Rodentia. To be labeled as a rodent or positioned in Rodentia, the animal must be a mammal with constantly rising incisors which can be used for gnawing (Britanica). What are incisors? Effectively… they’re the large tooth I discussed earlier!

In case you have a look at photos of all recognized electrical rodent Pokemon… you’ll see that a lot of them lack these tooth.

The one ones which have them are Parichisu, Dedene, and Morpeko. Alternatively, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Minun/Plusle, Emolga, and Togedamaru don’t. Due to this, they’d not be thought of rodents based mostly on our established scientific standards.

But it surely truly is extra difficult than that.

Pikachu is predicated on mouse, Dedene is predicated on a dormouse, and Morpeko is predicated on a hamster (and perhaps a guinea pig?), which all have incisors in actual life. However Togedemaru was impressed by a hedgehog or porcupine, and Minun/Plusle are based mostly on rabbits.

Technically, hedgehogs aren’t rodents. They might be lovely and rodent-like, however they don’t have incisors and are labeled as a part of the Eulipotyphla order. If Togedamaru is predicated on a porcupine, that might change issues since porcupines ARE rodents. Nonetheless, Togedamaru doesn’t have incisors, so it wouldn’t depend as a rodent both approach. I do know that is needlessly complicated, however isn’t it attention-grabbing? I certain assume so.

Sojiro the hedgehog from New Recreation

Wait… what about Plusle and Minun? Aren’t rabbits thought of rodents? They technically aren’t, which is able to most likely come as a shock to many individuals. Sure, rabbits have incisors; simply consider Bugs Bunny. Nonetheless, the reality is that as an alternative of 1 set of incisors, rabbits have two! In addition to another completely different skeletal options. Due to this, rabbits belong to the Lagomorpha order (Berkeley).

Primarily based on the Rodentia standards, let’s have a look at a listing of our electrical rodent Pokemon once more:

  • Pikachu X
  • Raichu X
  • Pichu X
  • Plusle X
  • Minun X
  • Pachirisu
  • Emolga X
  • Dedene
  • Togedemaru X
  • Morpeko

Solely three of them meet the mark. I discover it ironic that Pikachu, probably the most well-known “electrical rodent” Pokemon that impressed many others, isn’t a rodent. I imply, that doesn’t make him any much less lovely, although. Oh, a fast notice. There are some rumors that the animal pika is what truly impressed Pikachu’s design. However even when that’s the case, pika aren’t rodents; they’re Lagomorpha like rabbits!

Wait, There’s Extra!

In case you thought this was the top of my evaluation, you’re mistaken 😀 I’m going to dig even deeper to fulfill my rodent obsession. We’ve already established that solely three electrical rodent Pokemon would cross the incisor check.

However what if there may be one other criterium I ignored? As acknowledged earlier, the definition is of a rodent is “a mammal with constantly rising incisors which can be used for gnawing.” The important thing phrase in that is definition is mammal.

pokemon hatching | Tumblr

The query is: are most Pokemon mammals? The definition of a mammal is “animals resembling people, canine, lions, and whales. Basically, feminine mammals give start to infants somewhat than laying eggs, and feed their younger with milk” (Collins dictionary). Solely monotremes, resembling platypus and echidnas, are mammals that lay eggs.

Anybody who has bred Pokemon within the video games is aware of that each single certainly one of them, moreover Legendaries or genderless Pokemon, lay eggs. However mammals can’t lay eggs, aside from monotreme. So, moreover reptiles, amphibians, sea creatures, bugs, and birds, this implies each Pokemon is both a monotreme… or not a mammal in any respect. And if Pachirisu, Dedenne, and Morpeko aren’t mammals… can they nonetheless be thought of rodents?

Sorry for all the questions, however I believe it’s loopy how one small attribute can exclude a complete group of animals so simply.

Confused Pikachu | Pikachu | Know Your Meme

Then once more, does it even matter in the long run? The world of Pokemon is fictional and its scientific nomenclature has no foundation in actuality. Due to this fact, the reply isn’t any. It doesn’t matter. It might appear foolish to have written a complete submit about it, however as somebody who loves animals, particularly rodents, I believed it could be enjoyable to discover this. I by no means realized how broad but limiting organic definitions could be. I’m wondering if there may be some type of organic encyclopedia on the earth of Pokemon, and if there isn’t… I’d gladly volunteer to work on it! Perhaps I could be Professor Oak’s assistant ❤

The entire electric-rodents-not-actually-being-rodents factor doesn’t have an effect on how a lot I like all of them. Raichu will at all times be my favourite, and all the different lightning-spouting mousies have a particular place in my coronary heart.

Earlier than I finish this submit, I wish to indulge my rodent obsession one final time and exhibit my pet guinea pigs, the cutest rodents in the entire universe (sure, even cuter than Raichu). Once they lastly make a full guinea pig electrical Pokemon, my life will probably be full – whether or not or not it has these rodent-defining entrance tooth.

Marshmallow ❤
Smores ❤

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