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Can A Naturalized Citizen Be Deported UK?

The eventual aim for many immigrants is to become British citizens, but getting there can be a protracted, difficult, and expensive process. Immigrants can gain a British passport, free entry and exit from the country, and increased protection while traveling abroad if they can stay in the UK and become British citizens. Sadly, there are several situations in which this can happen. The following justifications are provided for such deprivation by the Nationality Guidance on Deprivation and Nullity of British Citizens:

  • involvement in terrorist acts,
  • espionage
  • significant organized crime
  • Crimes of war
  • or undesirable actions.

In this post, we’ll examine possible causes for someone’s British nationality to have cancellation and what you may do if this happens.

Fraud, fake information, and the withholding of a material fact-based deprivation

Similarly, British citizenship may get revoked if the SSHD determines that a former foreign national’s enrollment or naturalization as a British citizen was achieved by:

  • fraud
  • falsified statement
  • or the omission of a crucial fact

Fraud could involve claiming to be a person of a different nationality. As a result, it leads to granting refugee status, permanent residency (ILR), and a successful application for naturalization.

According to the UK Home Office, if elements of fraud generated a citizenship application in the first place, this could result in a deprivation order later.

The phrase “Concealment of Important Fact” refers to the omission of material information from the application.

False representation denotes that there was intentional dishonesty present to apply.

Filing a lawsuit to stop discrimination

You must file your discrimination lawsuit at the County Court if you believe you have a valid reason to do so. Our legal staff can provide you with more guidance on this, even though it can occasionally be a drawn-out and difficult process. According to the Equality Act of 2010, you must confirm that no illegal discrimination has occurred. You must file your lawsuit in court within six months of the alleged act or piece of supporting documentation. The court may occasionally accept a claim filed beyond the deadline if deemed equitable. The time frame is three months if there has been workplace discrimination.

British Citizenship: Deprivation vs. Nullity

The purpose of nullifying a person’s British citizenship is to return them to the situation they were in before the citizenship got conferred by withdrawing the citizenship from a person who was mistakenly granted it. It usually results from an honest oversight rather than a purposeful one. Deprivation, on the other hand, is for people who have consciously attempted to cheat the system.

Deprivation has a far harsher penalty than nullification. You could continue to do if you entered the country with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Also, if you lose your British citizenship, it is less probable that this will happen because legal action will likely be against you.

If you reside abroad, can you still retain your British citizenship?

Your UK citizenship won’t have any impact, per Home Office regulations. It is if you relocate or retire to a nation outside the UK. In other words, if you relocate to another nation, you won’t lose your British citizenship.

The UK government allows for dual citizenship, so you can apply for and obtain citizenship in your new country without sacrificing your UK status.

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