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Did you know Tunic has a secret musical language on top of its cryptic game manual?


Anybody who’s performed the charming Tunic is aware of that it’s a bit of cryptic. There’s an instantly nonsensical language to try to decipher, for one factor. Then you definately’ve received an in-game guide that’s been pulled aside, with pages strewn around the globe to seek out earlier than you may determine learn how to do every little thing your little fox is able to. Effectively, now audio designer Kevin Regamey has defined a complete different secret facet to Tunic, and it seems the sport’s soundtrack hides a complete different language.

Vid bud Liam explains seven the explanation why Tunic is value enjoying.

Spilling the beans through a Twitter thread, Regamey delved into how gamers might uncover Tunic’s audio secrets and techniques, and the way they are often decoded. It’s in all probability finest to remember there’ll be some spoilers concerned, so do take care.

“Early in growth, we imagined the sport having a ‘voice’ of types – a voice that the participant was not outfitted to interpret,” Regamey mentioned. “SO. I designed a musical cipher – heard all through your complete sport, however by no means acknowledged.”

Tunic’s mysterious written language of “Trunic” is phonetic, Regamey defined, with its characters usually representing paired consonant and vowels. Figuring this language out can lead gamers to the Glyph Tower, which directs them to this web site. Obtain the positioning’s audio and think about it in spectrogram mode, and Tunic’s secret audio language is revealed. These are composed of glyphs too, however correspond immediately with pentatonic arpeggios. Regamey says gamers have dubbed this audio language “Tuneic”.

Regamey’s audio shenanigans with Tuneic require a bit of music principle to grasp completely, and I’m about as musical as a windchime in a microwave, so I’ll spare you any long-winded, botched explanations. Basically, the arpeggios are the musical equal of the sport’s written Trunic language, hiding ‘phrases’ all through Tunic’s soundtrack. Listed here are some examples:

We ranked Tunic amongst our favorite video games of 2022 up to now again in the summertime. Brendy (RPS in peace) thought the sport was a stunning homage to traditional Zelda video games in his Tunic evaluate. “If this plucky fox ’em up flatters-by-imitation an excessive amount of, it is just as a result of it has examined its reference in its entirety. Like an overhanging digital camera view, Tunic sees Zelda from the highest to the underside. It’s a tribute well-paid.”

Tunic is on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Video games Retailer for £25/$30/€28, and you can even play it on Sport Move in case you’re a subscriber.


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