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Embracing Natural Birth: The Water Birth Experience at Magnolia Birth House


Located in North Miami Beach, Magnolia Birth House offers a serene and natural environment for families seeking a unique birthing experience. Their water birth services are particularly notable for providing comfort and empowerment during labor and delivery.

What is Water Birth?

Water birth involves labor and delivery in a warm water birthing pool or tub. This method eases pain, promotes relaxation, and creates a peaceful environment. Warm water also relaxes pelvic muscles, aiding labor progression.

The Birthing Suites

Magnolia Birth House features two private birthing suites, each equipped with a large, deep birthing tub to accommodate the mother and a support person. The water is maintained at a comfortable temperature, filtered, and sanitized for safety. These suites provide a cozy, welcoming atmosphere with private bathrooms, showers, and the option for families to bring personal items for comfort.

Experienced Midwives and Personalized Care

The center’s experienced midwives are trained to monitor labor and delivery in the water. They collaborate with each family to develop a personalized birth plan, integrating water use as desired. Comprehensive prenatal care is provided to ensure health and preparedness for birth.

Postpartum Care and Support

Post-birth, families enjoy time to rest and bond in their suite. Expert care, including breastfeeding support and newborn exams, is provided. The center also offers postpartum care and follow-up appointments, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby.

Cost of Water Birth Services

The total cost of care is $4,900, covering prenatal care, childbirth education courses, labor and delivery care, birth supplies, a postpartum lactation visit, and six weeks of postpartum care. The facility fee for birth center delivery and immediate postpartum stay is an additional $1,000. This fee is separate from prenatal care and midwifery fees.


Magnolia Birth House offers a holistic and nurturing approach to childbirth. Their water birth services provide an empowering option for families, supported by experienced midwives and comfortable, well-equipped facilities.

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