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Enterprenuer Making Millions With House Flipping: The Dancan Tony Story

Dancan Tony, if you’ve heard of real estate flipping, possibilities are you’ve heard this name. Best recognized for his success with flipping and buying real estate projects, this twenty five year old Kenya Based entrepreneur is making waves in the real estate space. In a latest interview with Forbes he displays his foundation story and how he first ventured into the business in early twenty twenty.

Dancan Tony

Dancan Tony’s journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to the power of faith and persistence. He has built multiple successful businesses from scratch including L&H Property group, The Tony Wandera foundation and Lawhan group of companies. However, his most successful venture to date is Lawhan LLC, which he launched in early 2023 and earned well over six figures within the first four months of its launch.

Dancan Tony

In the recent past he has also been involved in the 2022 Kenyan general elections where he actively mobilized youth through his empowerment programs. Ultimately Tony believes that within the next five years the real estate space will see an increased focus on added features, like roof access, common areas, and even designated workspaces. Its time to get in is now!

Dancan Tony

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