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Gahi-chan! Vol 1 [Manga Review]


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“Easy and Pleasurable Ecchi Comedy”
  • Mangaka : Tirotata
  • Writer : Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life
  • Style : Yen Press
  • Printed : October 2022

Let’s get one factor out of the best way—Gahi-chan! is the kind of ecchi comedy that you simply’re studying purely for the overt fan service alone. When you’ve little interest in scantily-clad ladies of questionable age, then Gahi-chan! isn’t going to be your cup of tea; however should you get pleasure from smutty humor and loli-style characters, Gahi-chan! affords a foolish premise that’s quite pleasurable.

When you’re a fan of Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (Yuuna and the Haunted Scorching Springs) or extra mature collection like Sundome!! Milky Method, there’s loads of busty youkai like to be present in Gahi-chan!

Be a part of us in the present day on Honey’s Anime as we talk about Gahi-chan!, Vol 1!

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Dialogue Time

The primary premise behind Gahi-chan! is easy—struggling mangaka Kurehito Higa finds his life uprooted when a youkai (a supernatural being) seems bare at his doorstep and calls for to stay with him. This explicit youkai is a ‘gahi’—a creature described in Classical Chinese language tales, and greatest approximated as a skinwalker in Western tradition.

In Gahi-chan!, a gahi can eat a drawing and “put on” the pores and skin of that drawing for a restricted period of time, earlier than returning to a vaguely octopus-shaped monster type. After having discovered a few of Higa’s manga, one gahi adopts the persona of Ruki, the primary character of that manga, and decides she desires to stay with Higa since his drawings style good to her, and she or he enjoys sporting Ruki’s pores and skin.

The comedic beats—and ecchi moments—virtually write themselves after this. Ruki is hopeless at just about all the things, however her overwhelming ardour (and cute charms) shake up Higa’s monotonous life. There’s just a little body-horror humor injected too, since Ruki can’t maintain her form for lengthy, and reverts again to her regular youkai type in any respect the worst moments. Throw in a petty landlord (additionally a busty loli-shaped lady) and one in all Ruki’s associates (a gahi who’s involved Higa is a closet pervert), and also you’ve obtained the proper setup for an pleasurable first quantity.

Artistically, Tirotata manages to strike a pleasant steadiness amidst the chaotic humor, with indulgent fan service and clear linework. It’s additionally price noting that the primary quantity is surprisingly lengthy, clocking in at simply over 180 pages, with two bonus chapters within the tankoubon version, for a complete of 10 chapters—a pleasant shock!

Why You Ought to Learn Gahi-chan!

1. Ecchi Humor, Simply Barely Restrained

As we talked about earlier, Gahi-chan! is aware of its target market effectively. There’s positively an enormous marketplace for ecchi humor and beautifully-drawn ladies, and Gahi-chan! slots properly into that house, albeit with a good quantity of cautious restraint on behalf of the mangaka.

You’ll be able to anticipate a lot of boob-groping and accidental-crotch-face-planting, however Tirotata does stray away from something extra adult-rated than uncovered nipples and panty-shots. If you would like a manga you may (considerably) safely depart round the home, Gahi-chan! (in all probability) received’t get you in as a lot scorching water as, say, Sundome!! Milky Method or Shuumatsu no Haremu (World’s Finish Harem).

2. Smol Woman, Oppai Included

We’re not judging anybody right here at Honey’s Anime. If it’s not hurting anyone, you then’re free to get pleasure from no matter you wish to get pleasure from. Gahi-chan! is constantly prepared to poke enjoyable at itself for having a roster of younger ladies, and makes plenty of self-referential jokes about their “oppai loli” look (don’t Google that on the workplace WiFi, of us).

Once more, that’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, however the paintings and characterization in Gahi-chan! works brilliantly for small ladies with huge property and even greater personalities. Tirotata is aware of precisely what they’re working with, and pulls it off with model.

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Why You Ought to Skip Gahi-chan!

1. All Com, No Rom

We’re not going to criticize Gahi-chan! for being what it’s—a self-indulgent ecchi monster-girl-fest—however in comparison with a few of its contemporaries, Gahi-chan! is sorely missing in direct plot motivation.

Current collection like Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san (Please Put Them On, Takamine-san) have confirmed that overtly ecchi collection can carry a fascinating narrative on the similar time. There doesn’t have to be a line drawn between “fan service” and “story”—there’s a solution to incorporate each to create a collection that exists past simply being ecchi, however sadly, Gahi-chan! misses the mark.

It’s not a deal breaker, however for us, it’s a lacking piece of the puzzle.

Remaining Ideas

Dumb, smutty, ecchi reads exist for a purpose—to entertain. They don’t have to be something however pure leisure for the particular viewers they’re supposed for. Gahi-chan! guarantees huge boobs on small monster ladies, and it delivers in model.

We want there was just a little extra substance to Gahi-chan! past the central premise, however it’s an entertaining slice-of-life ecchi nonetheless.

Are you going to take a look at Gahi-chan!, Vol 1? Tell us down within the feedback under, and as all the time, thanks for studying!

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