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Golden Kamuy 4th Season – 05 – Lost in Anime


When you have got a present that’s nice to start with ship an episode that exemplifies every part that’s nice about it, you already know it’s going to be, nicely, nice.  Golden Kamuy hasn’t skipped a beat transitioning from its third (and finest) season to this one – and to a brand new studio and director apart from.  However it at all times had one other gear you already know it could shift into in the end, and this was the week it occurred.  As certain as clockwork, every time Mob Psycho 100 is airing you already know there’s going to be a masterpiece-tier sequence competing with it.  Hasn’t failed but.

Like I mentioned, every part that makes GK so nice was on this episode.  Absurdist comedy, dick (and ball) jokes, a historical past lesson, appreciation of the Ainu tradition, and a few critical private drama.  Because it begins we discover the Sugimoto get together ordered to remain in Toyohara (now Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, then the capital of Karafuto) and await the arrival of Lt. Tsurumi.  Which means some downtime, which suggests time for stuff like comedian reduction and character exploration.  And for characters like Cikapasi – who hadn’t uttered a line of dialogue all season – to lastly be part of the story.

Cikapasi, in reality, is proving helpful as a method to allay the suspicions of the native Karafuto Ainu, which he does partly by telling everybody they meet that Tanigaki has big testicles.  With out query a father and son bond has emerged with these two, and Cikapasi clearly nonetheless thinks of Inkarmat as a surrogate mom (Tanigaki appears to not be telling the boy the entire reality the place she’s involved).  In the meantime Sugimoto and Asirpa take the chance for a looking journey into the mountains, the place they run into two males with an early movie digicam – the earliest viable one in reality, the cinématographe developed by the Lumière brothers in France.

Noda-sensei by no means makes shit up when he can pull from precise historical past, and he does so right here within the particular person of Inaba Katsutaro (Imaruoka Atsushi).  He’s based mostly on Inabata Katsutaro, who attended faculty in Lyon with one of many Lumière brothers and was the primary man to deliver movie to Japan.  He additionally introduced a Lumière technician named François-Fixed Girel and lots of reels of movie to assist him drum up curiosity in his new enterprise.  They’re within the technique of filming the native Ainu inhabitants, which instantly sparks Asirpa’s curiosity – although first she and Sugimoto have to avoid wasting their asses from a pair of psychotic wolverines (although that phrase is redundant I assume).

That is the place the comedy half kicks in, and it’s fairly on the market – however tinged with bitter actuality.  Asirpa is wise and perceptive – she understands the hazard of her tradition disappearing, with each the Russian and Japanese governments brazenly hostile to its existence.  Inaba is reluctant to waste his time (as he sees it) making silent movies a couple of tradition with an oral storytelling custom, however Sugimoto forcefully reminds him of what his and Girel’s destiny would have been with out Asirpra’s intervention.  He reluctantly agrees, and Asirpa immediately morphs into each bad-boy director caricature in pure Golden Kamuy trend.

Asirpa’s “Panampe and Penampe” tales (all precise Ainu people tales) are extraordinarily dick-intensive and totally preposterous, and I couldn’t cease laughing for a second of them.  She then turns to Cikapasi to star in “Kesorap“, a narrative about three brothers.  This one is kind of a bit extra critical, and it appears to be very pointedly foreshadowing a parting (and even presumably the small print of it) for Cikapasi and Tanigaki – who performs his older brother and guardian, who seems to be a fowl Kamuy.  I feel the story has been hinting in that course all alongside however I’d nonetheless be fairly unhappy to see it, since Tanigaki and Cikapasi have clearly grown to like one another.

When the gang settles into the native theater to observe the movie, although, the kicker just isn’t the movies Asirpa shot however one Girel and Inaba took years earlier in Otaru.  Girel acknowledged one thing in Asirpa’s blue eyes, and certainly that movie reveals Wilk.  And never solely Wilk (and Kiroranke, too) however somebody we’ve by no means seen earlier than – Asirpa’s mom, who certainly is the spitting picture of her.  It’s a miracle nowadays for Asirpa to really be capable of see her mom – however a short-lived one, because the chemical compounds within the projector begin a hearth (ridiculously widespread with early movie know-how) and the movie is burned to a crisp.

That is painful for Asirpa for apparent and delicate causes.  It’s an extra reminder of how fragile information of the customs and traditions of her folks is.  It hardens her resolve to do no matter she has to in an effort to defend it.  However simply as a lot, it hardens Sugimoto’s resolve to guard her from the darkish path Wilk and Kiroranke’s machinations have positioned her on.  Asirpa is true, Sugimoto is doing this for himself in a way.  However in the identical sense that every one love is egocentric – we’re drawn to like others as a result of we like the way in which it makes us really feel.  Sugimoto’s want for Asirpa – that she depart the race for the gold behind and reside her personal life for herself – and in direct opposition to what she’s come to consider is her future.  And that is the battle that’s certain to drive a lot of Golden Kamuy’s ultimate act.



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