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Here’s Why Your Calf Muscles Are Sensitive to Massage!


Those that undergo from calf ache or soreness resort to a therapeutic massage for reduction. You’ll assume that their muscle mass loosen and so they obtain euphoric leisure nearly instantly, proper? Nicely, not all the time. Many individuals complain about their sensitivity to massages.

It is not uncommon for therapeutic massage lovers to self-massage their calves with out paying heed to essential tips. This results in delicate calf muscle mass. They can’t be blamed contemplating calf ache will be excruciating, leaving a determined need for fast reduction. Equally, discovering a therapeutic massage therapist who is aware of his craft properly could be a big gamble.

It’s a common indisputable fact that we wish to really feel pleased after a calf therapeutic massage. To realize the coveted “Zen feeling,” it is advisable to decipher muscle sensitivity, its causes, after which select a therapeutic massage sort that conforms to the wants and responses of your calf muscle mass.

1. What Is Calf Muscle Therapeutic massage Sensitivity?

When calf muscle mass are overused or contracted repeatedly, they develop “delicate factors.” When stress is utilized to those hyper-sensitive areas (often known as knots or set off factors), sharp ache will be felt from them.

This situation known as continual myofascial ache. Feeling delicate to massages may be due to this situation. Although therapeutic massage remedy will assist loosen the muscle mass and alleviate ache, feeling delicate because of rubbing and kneading these set off factors is inevitable.

2. Causes for Calf Therapeutic massage Sensitivity

Massaging calves will be useful in additional methods than one. However typically seemingly opposed results seem within the type of sensitivity which makes you imagine in any other case. A number of components contribute to therapeutic massage sensitivity. These embody:

2.1. Accentuation of Delicate Factors

Accentuation of Sensitive Points

Throughout a calf therapeutic massage your therapist will work on the next muscle mass:

  • Gastrocnemius
  • Soleus
  • Plantaris
  • Anterior Tibialis
  • Posterior Tibialis

All of those muscle mass have sure factors the place you maintain extra rigidity in comparison with different areas of the muscle.

Here’s a lucid clarification – if an space within the bulk of the calf (gastrocnemius) feels delicate throughout or after the therapeutic massage, it means your gastrocnemius muscle is carrying comparatively extra stress on account of extended contraction. Maybe sitting for lengthy hours and restricted mobility precipitated further stress.

Massages stimulate areas of the calf muscle mass that you could have uncared for for a very long time.

So, feeling delicate after or throughout a therapeutic massage could also be as a result of these uncared for spots – holding on to loads of rigidity for a very long time – are accentuated.

2.2. Underdeveloped Muscle Reminiscence

Contemplating the reasoning talked about above, does it imply you would need to really feel overwhelmed up each time you may have a therapeutic massage? The reply isn’t any.

Sensitivity to a therapeutic massage could also be due to the underdeveloped reminiscence of your calves . Fortunately, similar to your immune system develops reminiscence cells towards a sure antigen; your calf muscle mass will develop muscle reminiscence. As soon as they get used to the massaging actions and pressures utilized, they’ll chill out and let go of all of the withheld rigidity.

2.3. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

While you therapeutic massage your calves, blood circulation improves. There’s a simultaneous inflow of vitamins and oxygen, plus the elimination of poisons. This prompts dormant calf muscle mass that weren’t getting used. Consequently, delayed onset muscle soreness happens the identical approach it does after an arduous exercise or train.

2.4. Therapeutic Irritation

Sensitivity to calf therapeutic massage is a part of the therapeutic course of. In case your muscle mass grow to be hyper-sensitive throughout or after a therapeutic massage, it might point out that your calves are recovering from irritation.

2.5. Muscle Guarding

Our our bodies have an inherent protecting mechanism towards painful exterior stimuli. This phenomenon known as muscle guarding. Massages typically set off this, which causes the mind to sign the muscle mass to tense up and contract. Therefore, a vicious and counterproductive ache cycle begins.

2.6. Soreness Signifies Reduction

Based on a report, it has been discovered that massaging calves after a exercise inside 72 hours minimizes the possibility of soreness. The remedy to massage-induced calf sensitivity lies within the therapeutic massage itself. In different phrases, in case you therapeutic massage your calves as we speak and so they grow to be delicate after a number of hours, the subsequent time you therapeutic massage, ideally the subsequent day, your ache will reduce significantly.

2.7. Blood Clots

Sensitivity to a therapeutic massage may additionally be a sign of blood clots in veins within the calf.

2.8. Sensory Processing Dysfunction

Some persons are inherently extra delicate to the touch and stress, courtesy of their distinctive genetic make-up. This hypersensitivity to sturdy tactile sensations known as sensory processing dysfunction. Based on the Pacific School of Well being and Science, it is very important focus on your tolerance ranges along with your therapeutic massage therapist to avoid wasting your self from pointless discomfort.

2.9. Insupportable Depth

They are saying whether it is painful, it’s good. Your muscle mass don’t agree with this universally accepted nonsensical assertion. Intense stress will make your calf muscle mass tighter and more durable than earlier than. In case you are feeling delicate as a result of the therapist is brutally mauling your muscle mass, let him/her know instantly. Don’t topic your muscle mass to torture within the identify of therapeutic massage remedy.

Keep in mind, massaging is coaxing and never forcing your muscle mass to melt.

2.10. Unwell-Suited Therapeutic massage Kind

A sure therapeutic massage sort stands out as the purpose your calves really feel delicate. Deep tissue therapeutic massage is one instance that will depart you susceptible to soreness. Hyper-sensitive individuals ought to keep away from this sort of therapeutic massage and go for a gentler remedy – a therapeutic massage that makes use of gentle strokes and utilized delicate stress.

3. Varieties of Calf Therapeutic massage – Swimsuit Your Sensitivity!

3.1. Swedish Therapeutic massage

Swedish Massage

A Swedish therapeutic massage, or a traditional therapeutic massage as some prefer to name it, is every little thing your calf muscle mass must chill out. The quantity of stress used on this massaging approach is excellent even for probably the most hyper-sensitive muscle mass .

The message has 5 distinctive methods:


For this method, lengthy, light strokes are used to seek out knots and delicate factors within the calves. Large palms and agency fingers heat up your muscle mass by making use of delicate and powerful stress alternately.


This method reaches deeper to get the fascia and internal layers of calf muscle mass. Urgent, kneading, and rubbing particular set off factors assist to create a soothing sensation.


After deep stroking, the therapeutic massage therapist will start a rhythmic tapping in your calf muscle mass utilizing the perimeters of his fingers.


Friction will increase the temperature of your muscle mass which helps to melt them. A masseuse creates sufficient friction by urgent thumb pads deep into the muscle mass in a round movement and rubbing their fingers firmly towards the calf muscle mass.


The vibration approach entails giving rhythmic, vibratory strokes to the muscle mass. Muscular tissues are pressed utilizing the heels, sides, and suggestions of the fingers in an upward and downward movement.

Sensitivity to Swedish Therapeutic massage

Swedish therapeutic massage with its light flowing strokes is an ideal “go-to” therapeutic massage for leisure. Bear in mind that your calves mustn’t damage at any second, throughout, and even after the therapeutic massage.

3.2. Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue therapeutic massage is an intense therapeutic massage sort that finest treats scar tissue in your calf muscle mass. Gradual however sturdy stress is constantly utilized to the calves utilizing deep strokes to hit even the innermost muscle layers and tissues. People who find themselves concerned in high-intensity exercises like athletes ought to go for this therapeutic massage sort because it helps heal muscle accidents and eliminates scar tissue.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage entails 5 methods after a muscle preparatory warm-up.


Calf muscle mass are warmed up with sluggish and regular actions.

Cross Fiber Friction:

Slowly stress is elevated within the absence of a lubricant (lotion, oil) to create friction and discover the right muscle constructions. This step makes the therapeutic massage disagreeable, however it is very important enhance restoration.

Energetic Launch Approach:

The therapist will then search for tight spots in your muscle mass and analyze their situation. Injured, torn areas are then handled with managed, coordinated stress.

Muscle Vitality Approach:

This deep tissue approach employs stretching and helps soften tight soleus muscle mass that enable you keep your posture. This “stretching therapeutic massage” targets brief, cramped muscle fibers, elongating and strengthening them within the course of.

Set off Level Remedy:

Entails deep respiration and a collection of remoted stress utilized to determine the supply of any ache.

Myofascial Launch:

All muscle mass have fascia. Fascia is a skinny layer of tissue that conceals the muscle, separating it from different, surrounding muscle mass. This method makes use of light stress; aiming to find and eliminate all of the knots within the fascia and muscle mass.

Sensitivity to Deep Tissue Calf Therapeutic massage:

It’s regular to really feel delicate after a deep tissue therapeutic massage. The ache will subside quickly sufficient, but when it doesn’t, inform your therapist on the earliest.

4. Handle Calf Therapeutic massage Sensitivity

You had a therapeutic massage and now your calves are delicate. Listed below are some methods you may relieve post-massage calf sensitivity.

Drink Extra Water

No quantity of emphasis on staying hydrated will be sufficient. We perceive the significance of ingesting water however are we ingesting sufficient? Be sure you drink copious quantities of water earlier than and after a therapeutic massage in order that acids and toxins get flushed out successfully. As you enhance the consumption of water, reduce down on caffeinated drinks.

Mild Stretching

Stretching and massaging are two allies that work towards rigidity and stress, forsaking an elevated enjoyable sensation and decreased sensitivity within the muscle mass. Carry out a number of light stretches earlier than and after each calf therapeutic massage.


Taking a scorching bathtub or bathe will enhance the temperature of the muscle mass and ease any lingering ache. Making use of heating pads to the ache spots can also be nice to cut back soreness and sensitivity.

Use Ice

Deep massages may cause irritation. Placing ice packs on painfully delicate spots in your calf will assist velocity up restoration.

Relaxation Nicely

After a therapeutic massage, do not instantly leap onto your ft. It will ship activation alerts to your calf muscle mass. Relaxation as an alternative. Create a leisurely setting that may assist scale back stress in your thoughts and calf muscle mass.

5. Takeaway

A therapeutic massage is a manipulation of muscle mass. Identical to an train works out your muscle mass, a therapeutic massage does the identical. Due to this fact, it makes good sense that muscle mass get delicate and achy whenever you get too hands-on with them. Enable them time to adapt and they’ll reply higher with each therapeutic massage session.

This learn will enable you verify why your calves are so delicate to therapeutic massage. Moreover, it goals to equip you with data of several types of massages so you may work along with your therapist to curate a calf therapeutic massage approach that might fit your wants. Power sensitivity to a therapeutic massage could also be a symptom, in that case, it’s prudent to seek the advice of a medical practitioner.


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