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How can you Complete SSM Smart Square Employee Portal?

SSM Health is a not-for-profit, catholic healthcare system that has helped a lot of people and this integrated healthcare system aims to provide healthcare services to communities across the Midwest. There are more than 40,000 workers in the organization along with 11,000 providers who work continuously to provide the best services to those who need them and ensure that they can show the presence of God to everyone they help along the way. 

SSM also has 23 hospitals and more than 290 physician offices that people can use whenever they are in need of healthcare services. Smart square ssm has made it it’s motive to help as many people as they can in their times of need and for this mission, all the employees of SSM Health work continuously. 

Now, it is important for the employees of SM health to know about the SS Smart square login portal from where they can access the information that they need to know about their job. In the blog, you are going to learn about the SSM portal and the process to access your account. 

What is the SSM Smart Square login portal?

The SSM Smart Square login portal allows all the employees of SSM health to access their online accounts with the help of the ssm smart square app or the website where they will be able to see all the things that they need related to their job. You will be able to access your schedules and other things on the website that will make it easier for people to work. Employees will be able to view their schedules and even access their pay slips on their profile. 

How can you access your account on SSM Smart Square Login Portal?

If you are not familiar with the process that you need to follow when you want to complete the smart square login then, do not worry as we are going to give you all the instructions that will help you in accessing your account on the portal. 

  1. Access the website on your computer or mobile phone to start the process. You can also refer to the link that we are giving here:
  2. Now, you need to choose the ‘MyChart’ option that is present on the website. 
  3. On the MyChart login page, you need to enter the Username for your SSM account. 
  4. Now, type the correct password of the account that will provide you access to your account where you can view all the details regarding your SSM health routine and other things.

In case of a forgotten password, you can also use the Forgot Password link that is present just beneath the ‘LOG IN’ button on the website. This will prompt you to enter the email where you can get the new link to change the password to your account to access it. We hope that all the details that we have shared here are. You can also make use of the website Webcrazy when you want to know more about SSM health and how you can make use of the facilities provided to you.

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