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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Travel Industry?

The advanced technologies and digital solutions of today are transforming the landscape of nearly all sectors and industries. And the tourism industry is one on the list.

According to a survey, mobile apps for travel and tourism are the seventh most-downloaded apps and around 60% of all smartphone users use travel apps while planning their trips.

It means that those days are over when people used to rely on travel agents to make travel arrangements for them. With proficient digital solutions at hand, now people prefer to make travel arrangements on their own.

Nowadays, there are many mobile apps, competing with each other in order to make tourists’ experiences more personalized and wonderful. Furthermore, mobile app development services agencies are also cooperating a lot to facilitate the travel and tourism industry.

In this article, we’ll discuss how mobile apps are transforming the travel and tourism industry. So, read more and learn how your travel and tour business can provide a seamless traveling experience to your customers with mobile apps.

Features of Apps That Are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry

Here are some of the things that will let you understand the transformation of the travel industry with mobile app development services

Apps Are Portable and Convenient

You can link mobile travel apps with geolocation-enabled services such as Google Maps and GPS in order to provide up-to-date maps, directions, and routes to unknown places. It eliminates the need to carry guides and maps.

One of the newest inventions which have made navigation easier is wearable apps such as the Triposo travel belt. It connects to your Smartphone and helps you to locate tourist attractions. Apart from location, there are also some mobile apps that offer a real-time view of various destinations and the accommodation and services available there. One example is Airbnb, which is the world’s largest accommodation booking website. It allows people to view rentals and homestays in every nook and corner of the world with the help of videos and images.

Easy Bookings

Booking your favorite place, restaurant or hotel is always a challenging task but now with travel and tourism industry apps, you can easily book your favorite destinations with just a few taps while sitting at your home. Well, it is also one of the primary reasons why people use mobile travel apps. They can easily get booking e-tickets for the spot, choose the destination, cab booking for sightseeing, cost-effective hotel reservations and so many other things. They can also explore local places to visit. Therefore, you can do a lot of things on just one app, eliminating the need of switching multiple apps.

Furthermore, you can also add some special features to your application, like providing information about weather updates, and the weather changes at your time of arrival. One of the best parts of your travel app is you can also provide related information about the popular restaurants where tourists get local cuisines and the famous places to go shopping.

Real-Time Pictures of Various Destinations

With user-centric apps, travelers can easily get images and videos of popular places before their visit. Isn’t this interesting?

Well, it is a fact that everyone loves to know places in advance before actually visiting the destination. It helps to know what the place looks like and helps in making the right arrangements according to the surroundings.

Travel mobile apps not just provide a few images or videos but also make the experience of a traveler seamless. This is why these kinds of apps have become an essential part of the travel industry. Mobile apps also aid in making strategies for businesses, help to stay connected with clients, and also help travel agencies in order to become more competitive globally.

You Can Go Paperless

There was a time when need to carry separate bags for different documentation, book proofs, and other identification documents. But these things are now outdated. Nowadays, customers can carry all the stuff inside their travel app. Moreover, you can also bundle many other items in travel apps like maps, travel expense calculators, and even money.

These facilities allow users to enjoy their tour to the fullest.

Geological Features

It is one of the greatest features of a travel mobile app. It helps you to reach safely to your desired destination eliminating the fear of getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

For people who are unaware of localities or roads, travel apps are best for those people. The geological feature of travel apps enables people to reach nearby destinations such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, malls, etc. Apart from this, travelers also get a real-time view of different destinations and review locations around the globe through high-quality videos and pictures.


So, these are some of the things that are transforming the travel and tourism industry in the best way. There are also many other things that are incorporated a lot in making this industry more profitable. But the above-mentioned features of travel apps are the best features which is the reason many people prefer to download these kinds of apps for better travel experiences.

Therefore, if you’re from the travel and tourism industry and not leveraging digital solutions like having a mobile app, start taking advantage of it now with the help of a professional mobile app development agency.

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