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How To Build an Eco-efficient Home With House Renovation

When we make home improvements, we often ask ourselves how much money can be saved by creating an eco-efficient home. This aspect is becoming more important as we can reduce our energy consumption by up to 25%.

You will be able to reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions by improving the efficiency of your home. According to the home renovations Scarborough specialists, you can save money by taking a variety of steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Key factors of building an eco-efficient home

Below are the main characteristics of a house that is eco-efficient:

Good Thermal Insulation

To prevent any leakages, the walls should be sealed. This will increase comfort and reduce temperature fluctuations.

Also, windows are one of the largest sources of heat loss. If windows are made from wood, it is important to ensure that the workmanship is in top condition. Double glazing is recommended to lower the heating requirements of the rooms.

While the orientation of your house is very important to keep the sun’s rays out, certain materials can emit heat at night because of thermal inertia.

Good Ventilation

It is possible to bring in hot air in winter, and cool air during the summer with a well-designed mechanical ventilation system. You can reduce energy losses or gains by improving your house’s thermal envelope.

In summer, the heat won’t come from outside as much, and in winter, heat generated inside will be kept from being lost outside. This will reduce the need for heating and cooling.

Also, ceiling fans can be used to cool your home in summer without using too much energy.

A fan is a great way to disperse heat. Although it doesn’t cool as well as air conditioning in your case, The wind chill can be reduced by as much as four degrees by using the drafts made by fans.

Hot water and heating

It is essential to insulate pipes that supply hot water and heating when you are doing a remodel of your apartment. You can also install thermostatic valves in the radiators. This helps to reduce heat loss and makes installation more eco-friendly.

A thermostat that maintains the temperature at the right level is essential. Get the perfect temperature for a comfortable home environment.

LED lighting

This is another important aspect to consider. Traditional incandescent bulbs, for their part, lose energy in heat. You can reduce your energy consumption by switching to energy-saving bulbs.

LEDs are very efficient and take up very little space. LED lighting uses 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and 65% less than energy-saving bulbs.

Also, it is an easy way to increase energy efficiency and save money on your electricity bill. This is not a negative aspect of the design. You can create different environments in your house with different types of LED lighting.

Get eco-friendly in your home by contacting the top professionals

You need to hire professional home renovators who understand you and can help you with your project. You will get advice from them about how to make your project eco-friendly.

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