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How to choose a company name: generators

How to come up with a company name? You already have a business idea. You know what you want to do. But do you know what you’re going to call it? This is sometimes an extremely difficult question to solve simply – or at least get inspiration from somewhere. We’re here to help you, so keep reading and you’ll learn how to choose a company name.

Some rules for choosing a good company name:

  • Your company name doesn’t necessarily have to speak to the nature of your business. Take a look at Apple! Does Apple sell apples?
  • Does your company name sound good in your chosen language? Consider whether your audience will be able to pronounce it. If not, find another one. When entering the market, it’s better to bet on English.
  • When finding an idea for a company name – talk it through with others. Hearing the opinion of several people can change your perspective.
  • Avoid long names. Two words are already a couple, and three words are a crowd.
  • Think of something unusual that is easy on the ear and uncommon. Try combining two words into one.
  • Once you have a good idea for a company/brand name: figure out if the domain name for it is taken or not. Well, and determine if it is not reserved. Someone might have come up with a similarly good idea!

How to come up with a company name? Here are company name generators that will help with this

A company name generator can help you find inspiration or simply help you find one of your dreams. In the flurry of things that pile up when starting a business or creating an emerging brand, it is sometimes difficult to gather your thoughts and choose the best company name. Don’t be discouraged if the search drags on. Sometimes it is worth it to think carefully about what the company or brand name will be than to be dissatisfied later. Remember – you determine what you will call yourself as a brand or company. By the way, though, think about your customers. Empathize with their needs and perspective.


The clear leader when it comes to company names is Turbologo. In addition to interesting names also generated by a neural network (if you type: “car” in the name search box, you’ll find ideas with names associated with cars), it also offers inspiration for logo design. Extremely easy to use, free, and versatile. It is worth using it. In addition to the “keyword” itself for the company name, you can also determine whether it should be a long name and what style it should be. You’re in charge!


In Squadhelp, you toss keywords to the artificial intelligence, which this company name generator then processes. You add such information as what industry you want the brand to be in, as well as what emotions you want it to evoke. You leave the rest to artificial intelligence. If you want – you can buy a logo idea. As with Turbologo, AI watches over the search results for you. Get carried away by it – it will be worth it!


The name generator from Novanym not only creates interesting names for you but once again – it also provides you with suggested logos for them and offers, moreover, the possibility to reserve a domain for your company. You can choose different types of generated names, provide more keywords and disguise yourself in industries. Some of the company names are interesting, nevertheless, Turbologo, which is the clear leader of the list, is better in this regard. Novanym is worth giving a chance though!


The company name generator can help you to establish an interesting, cool-sounding – the most important part of your company’s identity. Wanting to build an interesting distinguishing feature of the company among other similar ones – it is worth being tempted by something special. Good and catchy at the same time. So that you, too, will be proud of your company name and so that your customers can feel a bond with the brand. A loyal, engaged, and satisfied customer is the key.

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