How To Compress Images Without losing Quality.

Sometimes when we upload a photo or image, the site where we upload the image provides the maximum size requirement of the image we are going to upload. Therefore, we need to reduce the size of the photos/images that we will upload to the site. We can reduce the size of the image or photo online in the way that I will share now, but on the condition that the image or photo to be reduced in size must be in .jpg/, jpeg format. Various image formats are generally such as .jpg, .png, and .jpeg. Each of these images can be compressed in different ways. For .png format images, you can shrink the size of how to compress images. How to Compress JPG Photo/Image Size Online
      1. Visit the JPEG Compressor website. Then click Select images, and we select the image that we will reduce in size.
      1. After selecting the image file to be reduced in size, we click Compress IMAGES.
      1. The image file size .jpg was successfully reduced by 58%. Then click Download compressed IMAGES.
      1. Done!
    The result of compressing (sizing) an image or photo file varies, ranging from 30% to 80%. For example, in the first image above, the image has been reduced in size by 82%.

    I Love IMG

    I Love IMG is a simple website that can be used to change the size of photos to small. You can insert several files directly to change the size of the photo, after that you just click compress, if already the file will be downloaded automatically by the cellphone. To change the size of the photo, the first step you have to open the website is through the link that the admin has provided above. After appearing on the homepage, there will be a command “Drag and drop file”, you can click on the column, then select the photo to be changed. If so, then several columns will appear that you can fill in according to the desired photo quality. In the width and height columns, you can fill in according to the desired photo size, but if there are no changes, you can leave the defaults alone. In the bottom column, there will be a selection of the file types to be changed. You can choose Jpg or Png (can be adjusted to your needs), after the process is complete, you can click the “Ii’m Dones, Resize My Picture” button to compress the photo. So that’s some ways you can use to resize photos to 1 Mb without reducing quality.

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