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How to Enjoy a Healthy Umrah?

Umrah pilgrimage is a blessing of Allah Almighty for a believer. Getting to perform the holy rituals of this sacred journey is a dream come true for Muslims. As a matter of fact, for a majority of pilgrims, traveling with the Cheapest Umrah Packages is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you are among those chosen for this blessing, you cannot risk falling ill during the pilgrimage travel because it would take away all the essence of the pilgrimage. That’s how it becomes necessary to stay healthy and fit during your entire Umrah travel and stay duration in Saudia Arabia.

So, here are some of the tips that will help you enjoy a healthy Umrah.

Get Ready Physically:

Umrah pilgrimage is physically laborious in nature because a majority of its rituals require pilgrims to walk and/or stand for longer durations. For instance; Tawaf of the Holy Kaabah; Sayee of Safah and Marwah hills. So, before you depart for the holy journey, prepare yourself for it by doing exercises like walking or light jogging and building up your stamina for it.

Wear Comfortable Clothes:

Makkah has a hot desert climate where daytime can reach as high as 50 Degrees Celsius. Therefore, wear comfortable clothes that are in accordance with the weather i.e. loose fit and breathable. That’s why cotton blended cloths are the best choice because they have all these abilities plus, they prevent rashes.

Use Sunscreen:

Use sunscreen to protect your skin against harsh sunlight and UV radiation. Ideally, a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is advised to use in order to shield your skin. Make sure that the sunscreen you are using is unscented because wearing fragrance in Ihram is not allowed.

Take Enough Rest:

Adequate rest is equally important for a peaceful and healthy Umrah journey. Therefore, aim to sleep at least 7-9 hours each night to help your body recover after Umrah activities and prepare for the next day.

Eat Clean:

Eat a healthy and clean diet that consists of balanced nutrition i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain items. Occasionally consume meat so that you can avoid any stomach-related issues during the holy rituals. In addition, you must keep yourself sufficiently hydrated during the journey to prevent any chance of heatstroke.

Keep great care of Hygiene:

For a healthy Umrah, it’s necessary to take great care of your personal and oral hygiene. Thus,

  • Bring your toiletries and avoid sharing them with fellow pilgrims.
  • Before you eat or drink anything, wash your hands.
  • Bathe regularly and wear neat and clean clothes whether you are in the state of Ihram or not.

Note that you must use fragrance-free toiletries as scents are prohibited in the state of Ihram.

Check Your Health:

Before you depart for Umrah, plan an appointment with your doctor especially if you are suffering from any chronic disease or on some sort of medical treatment. It will not only help to ensure that you’re healthy and ready for the journey but also let you know the necessary precautions to take during the journey keeping in view your health limits.

Take Breaks:

During the performance of Umrah rituals, plan short breaks as required, and don’t overburden yourself to avoid getting too tired.

Connect with Others:

Engage with fellow pilgrims for support and shared experiences during Umrah but not too much. Avoid arguing or quarreling with anyone and stay respectful. Even if someone bothers you, be forgiving and patient.

Obey Rules:

Stick to the rules set by Saudi authorities for pilgrims in order to ensure a safe and organized pilgrimage. Don’t try to break the law, otherwise, you might face legal prosecutions, fines and even deportation from the kingdom.

Stay Informed:

Stay updated on health advisories and announcements related to your journey by following the news as well as the social media platforms of relevant authorities.

Bring Medications:

Take necessary medications along with a basic first aid kit for any health concerns.

Listen to Your Body:

If you feel tired or uncomfortable, take breaks and seek help if needed by going to the nearby health facilities arranged by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for pilgrims.

Connect Spiritually:

During the holy rituals, concentrate on the spiritual aspects of your journey and enhance your connection with Allah Almighty.

So, that’s how you can enjoy a healthy Umrah with your February Umrah Packages.

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