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Human Calf Muscle (Lower Leg) – Anatomy, Function, Conditions, Prevent


1. Calf Muscle Anatomy

Calf Muscle Anatomy

A human calf is the again portion of the decrease leg. It’s a skeletal muscle and is connected behind the shin bone. The calf muscle is made up of two muscle tissue – the highly effective and two-headed gastrocnemius and the smaller muscle mendacity simply beneath it’s the soleus.

1.1. Gastrocnemius Anatomy

Based mostly on scientific and anatomical observations and analysis (printed in PubMed analysis archive), the gastrocnemius is the muscle chargeable for most of your actions within the decrease leg. It originates from the again of the knee and though it’s a single muscle, its two heads make it appear that the gastrocnemius is fabricated from two separate muscle tissue. The heads of the gastrocnemius are connected to the femur or thigh bone.

The muscle then runs down the decrease leg until it attaches to the soleus – a smaller muscle beneath it – which kinds the Achilles tendon.

The gastrocnemius is a superficial muscle. You possibly can see it simply and in addition contact it. This huge muscle will get its blood provide from the sural artery and it’s innervated by the tibial nerves (a department of the sciatic nerve that extends from the again of the leg and ends on the foot).

The presence of the tibial nerve permits indicators to achieve the muscle tissue and thus makes locomotion doable. Moreover, it additionally helps detect sensations in your pores and skin.

1.2. Soleus Anatomy

The soleus muscle is a small but highly effective muscle within the decrease leg. The muscle extends all the best way down the decrease leg and is current beneath the bigger gastrocnemius. The soleus originates from the again of the tibia or shin bone and extends to the again of the calcaneus – the heel bone. On the calcaneus, the soleus joins with the gastrocnemius and kinds the Achilles tendon. Based on some anatomists, the 2 heads of the gastrocnemius together with the soleus muscle kind a single muscle group known as the triceps surae.

The soleus can also be innervated (provided with nerves) by the tibial nerves.

2. Operate

The calf muscle is chargeable for your entire leg actions. It helps you management the motion of your decrease leg, toes, and ankles. It permits you to flex your toes, leap, stroll briskly, stand straight, and exercise within the gymnasium. It helps you keep your stability and helps your entire physique weight, too.

The gastrocnemius and soleus have distinct features.

2.1. Gastrocnemius Operate

The gastrocnemius is principally chargeable for plantarflex, i.e. flexing your toes and toes in the direction of the only or strolling on the information of your toes. Nevertheless, gastrocnemius acts as a plantar flexor when your legs are straight.

As you stroll, run, leap or climb the steps, the gastrocnemius contracts. This causes your ankles to flex and propel you ahead. If you stand together with your soles pressed firmly to the bottom, the gastrocnemius helps your physique and helps you keep stability.
The gastrocnemius is exerted together with the quadriceps and gluteus muscle tissue whenever you elevate your physique upwards in opposition to the pull of gravity. On account of this perform, it’s also known as the “anti-gravity” muscle.

Since this muscle originates from the again of the knee, it not solely controls ankle motion but in addition acts on the knees. The gastrocnemius and hamstrings work collectively to flex and bend the knee.

2.2. Soleus Operate

The soleus can also be chargeable for plantar flexion. If you bend your knee, the gastrocnemius muscle contracts. At this level, it’s tough for the muscle to assist flex the ankle as effectively. Thus, the soleus performs an important position right here.

If you stand on one foot, the soleus helps you keep your stability and is lively in all kinds of weight-endurance actions.

2.3. Calf Muscle – Second Coronary heart?

The soleus calf muscle has one other necessary perform. On account of this perform, the calf muscle known as the “second coronary heart” by medical consultants.

Because the title suggests, the soleus pumps blood from the toes and decrease leg again to the guts. The veins have a one-way valve that stops the backflow of deoxygenated blood, pumping it successfully in the direction of the guts. The soleus aids on this course of, performing as a sponge and pushing blood via the veins. This muscle perform is usually termed the “skeletal muscle pump” or the “peripheral coronary heart muscle tissue.”

3. Widespread Situations Affecting Calves

Common Conditions Affecting Calves

Calf muscle tissue are used so incessantly that they are often overworked. This will result in well being issues that adversely have an effect on the calves. Some frequent circumstances are as follows:

3.1. Cramps

Cramps are painful involuntary muscle contractions that may final for a while however normally get higher with a therapeutic massage or a stretch. It is among the most typical decrease leg circumstances. It’s estimated that 75% of individuals ages 50 or above are susceptible to getting cramps. Leg cramps can occur throughout the day or at night time. You can too get cramps after train and even while you’re sleeping. Sure components reminiscent of dehydration, medicine, vitamin deficiency, and being pregnant will be the underlying reason for cramps.

3.2. Spasm

Spasms are sharp involuntary convulsions of the muscle. They happen sporadically and might final for a number of seconds. It might really feel like your muscle is being squeezed tightly by itself when you’ve a spasm. This can be very frequent among the many lots and could also be a results of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

3.3. Medial Gastrocnemius Pressure (MGS) or Tear

The gastrocnemius pressure or tearing of the muscle tissue happens when they’re subjected to overuse, overstretched, or your muscle tissue need to help weight past their endurance. The gastrocnemius being a  bigger muscle is extra inclined to ripping. These tears happen within the bulk of the muscle and end in excruciating ache, swelling, bruising, and weak point. Strains largely happen on account of strenuous exercise.

3.4. Achilles Tendonitis

Repeated, incorrect foot actions and overburdening the ankle irritate the Achilles tendon, which causes  Achilles tendonitis. The situation will be recognized with throbbing ache within the tendon behind the heel bone. Swelling within the tendon could happen, hindering you from strolling or working correctly.

3.5. Achilles Rupture

Similar to a calf muscle tear, subjecting your decrease leg to insufferable drive could cause tearing within the Achilles tendon, a situation often known as an Achilles rupture. The rupture within the tendon will be partial or full. Indicators of a  rupture embrace extreme ache, swelling, bruising, and problem strolling. Very similar to all muscle ruptures, an Achilles rupture is mounted via surgical intervention.

3.6. Compartment Syndrome

An harm to the muscle on account of trauma, a fracture, or strenuous train could cause a deadly situation known as “compartment syndrome.” On this situation, the blood provide to the muscle is decreased, resulting in inadequate availability of oxygen.

3.7. Baker’s Cyst in Calf

A baker’s cyst is a fluid-filled cyst that kinds within the again area of the knee, inflicting a bulge and intense ache. In some instances, the cyst can burst, leaking the synovial fluid within the calf space which might trigger ache and swelling within the calf muscle tissue.

3.8. Blood Clot in Calf Muscle mass

The massive vein coursing via your calf muscle tissue is the principle web site the place a blood clot kinds. The medical time period used for this critical situation is – Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Based on the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC), a clot within the muscle blocks the movement of blood within the vein and causes ache, redness, swelling, and a heat sensation within the calf muscle tissue. Not transferring sufficient, harm to your calves, and surgical procedure will increase the dangers of blood clots.

4. Methods to Forestall These Situations?

Sustaining the well being of your calves and stopping these circumstances is just not as tough because it may appear. Abiding by a number of elementary well being guidelines must be sufficient to maintain these issues at bay :

  1. Lose additional weight: People who find themselves overweight are extra susceptible to cramps and complain about pulled muscle tissue extra usually. It is because the additional kilos put extra stress in your calves. You possibly can calculate a wholesome weight via physique mass index BMI or seek the advice of a healthcare supplier. Following a sure weight-reduction plan plan could velocity up the load loss course of.
  2. Hydrate: Based on Medical Information Right this moment – medically reviewed by Jillian Kubala, MS, RD, Diet – human muscle cells include about 75% water content material.  Due to this fact, you need to drink sufficient water to allow them to perform correctly.
  3. Heat-Up: Exercising will be taxing in your muscular well being. Do warm-ups and lightweight stretching to arrange your muscle tissue earlier than you do any workout routines.

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