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Importance of Featured Snippets for Your SEO Strategy

More than eight years ago, Google introduced its helpful highlighted snippets. It is still the most prominent search tool for both corporations and viewers even eight years after its inception. No one can argue its efficiency given that highlighted snippets are present in over 19% of SERPs and 50% of mobile displays.

Google continues to improve its search engine algorithms to make them more user-friendly. They do this to improve the user experience, relevancy, and quality of search results. They strive to give the user information that is pertinent to them. Well, the highlighted snippet is the outcome of Google’s work in this regard. However, the highlighted snippet has not only made consumers’ lives simpler but also given companies new opportunities.

As snippets account for nearly one-third of all clicks, websites are increasingly seeking to improve their content to be featured in them. 

How can highlighted snippets increase click-through rates? – People are more likely to click on a box containing precise information while they are searching for it than to look for other articles. They want to have rapid access to information.

That may be the reason highlighted snippets are so well-liked and will always be around. Therefore, let’s examine how highlighted snippets help local SEO Malaysia so that you may make much better use of them.

Why They are Important?

People’s Initial Listings on Search Result Pages:

Why do people just click through to the first page of Google search results? Why do so many people never scroll past the first page? They demand immediate and pertinent results. For snippets, the same phenomenon holds!

Nobody wants to waste time looking for information. They limit themselves to the first few fragments that surface to save time and effort. Google experts make every attempt to make this procedure simple, quick, and painless.

It makes no difference if you are running PPC ads or have quality content. A website will always be at the top of the search results if it appears in the snippets. 

A Malaysia-based business will get more engagement, clicks, and leads if it ranks well on highlighted snippets. Therefore, from the standpoint of local SEO Malaysia, ranking first in the search results is a success! 

Many businesses want to have their content appear as a highlighted snippet. The material that people are seeking most often is being curated by several firms.

Aid in Increasing Traffic:

Increasing website traffic is one of the highlighted snippets’ most evident advantages. Every brand that is highlighted in the featured snippet is more likely to experience an increase in website traffic.

You can quickly determine which page carries the snippet and which query sends new visitors to your website by looking at which page is receiving more visits and inquiries.

It could be challenging to get your full website to rank at the top of the SERP with an aggressive keyword approach, but a featured snippet can push a few web pages to the top.

How does that help a regular company? Even a typical Malaysia-based company may conserve resources and rank first in highlighted snippets for two to three years without spending money on Malaysia SEO services. For this reason, highlighted snippets have to be an integral part of your SEO strategy.

Enhanced on Mobile:

The smaller screen size is one of the main difficulties when optimizing websites for mobile devices. As a result, the response box, which appears as prominent snippets on mobile devices, has the potential to be a company’s most valuable asset.

If you can be included in the highlighted snippet, users won’t even need to scroll the screen to see the content. That implies that the user won’t go through other listings before landing on your page.


It might be difficult to get your content to appear in the featured snippet section of SERPs. It also takes effort to come in first place and place among the top 10.

But, like with many things, some perseverance and hard effort will pay off. Not a sprint, but a marathon, is SEO. Additionally, highlighted snippets might be an instant success if you already have fantastic material.

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