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Best Jegs Auto Parts is the Place to Go for Top-Tier

Greenbriar Equity Partners a premier middle market private equity firm, today announced that funds managed by Greenbriar have acquired a majority stake in Jegs Auto Parts a pioneering online national retailer and distributor of high-performance aftermarket auto parts and accessories.

The investment, which is the first of its kind for Jegs Auto Parts will be used to boost the company’s technology and distribution capabilities as well as fuel its continued product and market expansion. Greenbriar’s Jegs Auto Parts investment is their eighth platform investment in the past year.

After beginning as a small performance shop in 1960, Jegs Auto Parts has expanded to become a nationwide online retailer and distributor of aftermarket auto parts and accessories. Located near Columbus, Ohio, JEGS is a major online retailer that caters to auto-enthusiasts. Its website and state-of-the-art fulfillment center stock over two million product SKUs from over 800 suppliers.

Methods to Save Money

Costs are rising rapidly along with the development of the online retail sector. Nowadays, consumers are always on the lookout for methods to save money while still satisfying their shopping needs. However, with little work on your part, you may now get the most out of your purchases from this shop. Our website has the lowest prices anywhere on this manufacturer’s products. Therefore, you can afford to indulge in your every whim.

Best Promo Codes Offers Available

All year long, we have shown the best offers available at this online business. In working with us, you may expect to see significant cost savings. Jegs Promo Code get pumped up because this retailer offers unbeatable deals. Our first priority is making sure you don’t go over your specified funds without sacrificing quality. This is why we will publish all of the discounts this company provides.

Growth Partner with a Strategy for the Company’s Future

The Coughlin Family, who have expanded the Company over three generation. Our family has been running Jegs Auto Parts for over 60 years, so finding a growth partner who shares our values and has a plan for the company’s future was a top priority. We believe we have found that partner in Greenbriar, and we plan to continue to be major shareholders in combination with them. There will still be a share of ownership for the Coughlin family in Greenbriar.

Focus on Enhancing our Customers

The President of Jegs Auto Parts elaborated on the company’s optimism for the future. The entire JEGS team has never been more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and we look forward to partnering with Greenbriar and their extensive network of sector experts as we focus on enhancing our customers’ online experience, onboarding new products and services, and expanding our reach through organic and M&A-led growth.

Benefits of the Expanding Role of Online Shopping

We’re excited to be Jegs Auto Parts first institutional partner because, as a household name in the performance enthusiast market, they’re perfectly positioned to reap the benefits of the expanding role of online shopping in the automotive aftermarket. We are committed to maintaining the distinctive culture that the Coughlin family has established, which is based on dedicated workers who have extensive technical knowledge.

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Financial Advice

For financial advice, JEGS relied solely on Stifel Financial Corp while legal representation came courtesy of Ice Miller LLP. Greenbriar’s legal representation came from Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP. In the winter of 2021, this deal was finalized. Not all of the terms of the agreement were made public.

High-Performance Auto Parts and Accessories

Jegs Auto Parts which was founded in 1960 and has its headquarters in Delaware, Ohio, is a major player in the U.S. aftermarket retail and distribution of high-performance auto parts and accessories. Its devoted clientele can purchase goods and services from the company via its website and distribution hubs.

Provide Adaptive and High-Quality

Jegs Auto Parts a nationwide online retailer of auto parts, sought a simpler, quicker approach to enhancing their online content. With over a million SKUS in use, Maker allowed the JEGS marketing team to provide adaptive, high-quality content for eBay and all other sales channels. Using Maker, Jegs is able to publish high-quality marketing content at a fraction of the cost of traditional development and agency fees, while seeing an average revenue increase of 90%.

Stocks over a Million Products Online

Given that Jegs Auto Parts stocks over a million products online, sprucing up their most important pages with high-quality content was no easy feat. Additionally, before collaborating with Maker, Jegs limited selection of media-rich pages were not responsive, meaning that customers who accessed those pages from a tablet or mobile device were denied access to the site’s superior, value-added content.

Improve Engagement and Conversion Rates

CEO Jeff Hennion saw the value in Maker’s software because it allowed for the creation of richer, responsive content without the usual costs associated with development or outside agencies. Increase the value of pivotal pages on Jegs Auto Parts by loading them with dynamic, adaptable content. Improve engagement and conversion rates with the help of Maker’s pre-made templates and Google Analytics integration.

Efforts Focused on Product Page and Landing Page

At first, Jegs Auto Parts efforts were concentrated on the content of its product pages and its landing pages. It took the JEGS marketing team less than a month to get Maker up and running when he started working with them. Jegs used Maker to roll out two variations of their landing page in the first week.

Construct and Publish New Product Pages

A total of 30 pages of premium content, including media-rich and responsive material for key product pages and landing pages, were published to Jegs Auto Parts e-commerce site and eBay shop in the two months that followed. Over the course of the following four months, JEGS utilized Maker’s simple templates to construct and publish over 150 new product pages for their site.

Advantage of the Year’s Lowest Prices

Prepare to take advantage of the year’s lowest prices. It is feasible to buy the things you need even on a limited budget. To help our loyal customers save money and shop wisely, we have included all of the most recent Jegs Auto Parts discount.  Now, shoppers may save a ton of money on the most well-liked automotive retailer with next to no work.

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