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Koukyuu no Karasu – 04 – Lost in Anime


I have to confess that was my favourite episode of Koukyuu no Karasu to this point.  It adopted the identical fundamental format as the primary three, however it had a extra private really feel to it.  Digging slightly deeper into the principle characters is actually a wholesome development, as a result of it’s what’s going to present these mysteries extra emotional depth.  All anime thriller collection appear to comply with this similar basic construction – weekly mini-cases, just a few of which shed some mild on the “canon” thriller, after which a giant arc on the finish that lastly brings that to the desk as the principle course.

This time round, the MacGuffin is the Skylark Princess.  And her skylark, after all.  Courtroom girls on this collection positively shouldn’t be shopping for any inexperienced bananas – life expectancy appears very quick certainly.  This one died after slipping and falling right into a pond (which the official subs irritatingly insist on calling a lake).  Her poor little skylark hasn’t handed on to Paradise for some motive, and Jiu Jiu begs the Raven Consort to assist it achieve this.  This case she takes freed from cost, although whether or not out of a passion for birds or her girl in ready I’m unsure (I believe a few of each).

Shouxue’s relationship with Jiu Jiu is a giant a part of this episode’s cloth.  Whereas usually in tales like this you’d anticipate the emperor to be socially stunted, he’s truly fairly regular – little question due partially to his outsider upbringing – whereas it’s Shouxue that’s awkward as hell.  On her investigation she hears of the present Crane Princess (the emperor’s mom is the previous) presents cloth to her girls, and Shouxue fears she’s derelict in not giving presents to Jiu Jiu.  She winds up re-gifting the ivory hairpins the emperor gave her, which totally pisses Jiu Jiu off.  It later pisses him off too, and Shouxue is equally puzzled as to why that is the case (as apparent as it’s to us).

Whereas Shouxue is an excessive amount of like a contemporary anime teenaged woman in mannerisms, she’s fairly relatable as an individual.  She’s primarily form however totally clueless about find out how to take care of different people.  That is partly why the emperor is so taken with her, after all – he’s a fixer by temperament.  We study slightly extra about him, too – particularly his relationship with a servant named Ding Lan, who was a detailed pal when he was a baby.  The Empress Dowager had him tortured and killed due to that – and the principle motive for the emperor’s sleeping difficulties appears to be nocturnal visits from Ding Lan and his mom.  Placating their spirits is little question a giant a part of what drives him.

One of many issues Ding Lan taught the younger emperor was find out how to carve animals from wooden – a talent which proves very helpful in resolving the skylark’s dilemma.  This can be a very satisfying denouement, seeing not solely the thriller solved but in addition the character of Shouxue take a serious step ahead in her improvement.  And in her relationship with the emperor, too, even when she’s unsure find out how to take being known as a willow tit (he meant it as a praise).  These two have good chemistry, and every has an fascinating story on their very own.   There are far worse issues round which to construct a narrative than that.



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