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Managing prolonged drought with alternative grazing and cattle movement


Drought could be an unavoidable concern in some areas which may require cattle producers to make some robust selections, particularly when excessively dry circumstances persist for years at at a time with little to no reduction.

This subject is one nicely researched by Dr. Bart Lardner, professor on the College of Saskatchewan, and he says though producers can’t management when the rain comes, they’ll management different elements together with rotations and herd dimension, to assist delay the lifetime of pastureland.

He says producers ought to begin with an evaluation of how damaging the drought is to have an correct image of the issue that wants an answer.

“I feel actually, it’s the how extreme is the drought in your space? And did it have an effect on all my sources are solely a portion of my sources? And so is it impacting my grazing sources? Did it impression my hay potential? All these are actually assume huge issues to think about and, will impression my winter feed provide? Do I feel I can carry over my herd quantity? Or perhaps I’ve to begin to de-stock or perhaps transfer cows to a special postal code?” says Lardner.

He says that sources ought to be capable of be stretched for a yr or two earlier than the actually robust selections of lowering herd dimension will have to be made. Referencing cattle producers within the southern portion of Saskatchewan, he says these producers are actually of their third yr of drought and are actually having to have the conversations that no producer desires to, lowering herd dimension within the identify of sustainability. Lardner says nevertheless, you will need to get out forward of a drought and make these robust selections to be proactive, not reactive.

Taking a look at weeds, some could also be tempted to have them be a essential element of their feed, nevertheless, Lardner says to goal for under a couple of third of complete feed as weeds.

“Weeds could be nutritious, however in addition they include some anti high quality elements. For instance, they’ll be perhaps excessive in nitrates, and that may be a problem by way of nitrate toxicity, in addition they could comprise oxalates and people will tie up calcium, perhaps [they’ll have] glucosinolates, which might be very irritating,” explains Lardner.

Managing rotations can even play a component in correct pastureland administration in drought ridden circumstances with Lardner sharing the completely different choices for rotations, together with relaxation rotation, the place the land will get a full season off, oppose to deferred relaxation rotation the place the land will get a break however is often revisited by the herd later that yr.

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