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MASF Empowering Change through Medical and Social Initiatives in Pakistan


MASF (Medical and Social Family) is a dynamic network of students from various colleges and universities across Pakistan. It was initiated by the medical students of Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College (AFMDC) in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

MENTOR : Dr. Farah Amir Ali ( HOD Physiology department AFMDC )

SUPERVISOR : DR . Ayesha Noor ( Junior clinical fellow Critical care in Epsom and st helier university hospital ENGLAND )

The CEO and EX President of MASF is Mr. M.M Awais, a student at Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College. He can be reached via email at or by phone at +92 309-00 00 969.

MASF- AFMDC-LC 2022-2023 Executive Body:

The executive body of MASF for the AFMDC chapter, led by President Ahmad Farqleet, works closely with Professor Dr. M. Saeed, the Principal of Aziz Fatima Medical & Dental College. The executive body members include Usama Ramzan (Secretary General), Noor Fatima, Usama Bin Umar, Fareeha Anmol, Ali Hassan, Muqaddas Mariyam, Tahreem Fatima, Fatima Tariq, Hamid Chohan, Maria Shaukat Eesha Jamil, Zainb Iqbal,Iqra Faryal Maryam Noor and M Zubair Yasin . Together, they strive to make a meaningful impact on society as a whole.

Social Work Projects:

MASF is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been actively involved in social welfare since its inception on April 28, 2020. Their social work initiatives include organizing free medical and dental camps, raising donations for the underprivileged, providing free food camps, setting up “Dastrkhwans” (community food sharing tables) during the holy month of Ramadan, and maintaining a blood bank. The dedicated members of MASF work collaboratively, aiming to protect and assist individuals affected by crises and refer them to other NGOs or local services as needed.

MASF AFMDC aziz faitma medical and dental college faisalabad

Curricular Projects:

In addition to their social work, MASF also focuses on curricular projects. They offer free guidelines, sessions, and classes for young doctors aspiring to pursue international medical licensing exams such as the USMLE, PLAB, and OET. The society also organizes educational and motivational seminars in different colleges and universities, benefitting a wide range of students.

Extra-curricular Projects:
MASF understands the importance of holistic development and fosters the betterment of students through a variety of extra-curricular activities. They organize sports events, talent hunt competitions, e-competitions, and host a podcast series. These initiatives provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents, nurture their skills, and foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

MASF, AFMDC aziz faitma medical and dental college Faisalabad

MASF’s Attention to Detail:

One of the distinguishing factors of MASF is its members’ attention to detail, which is reflected in their work. Their dedication and cooperation contribute to the success of various projects, ensuring that each endeavor is executed meticulously and achieves the desired outcomes.

Recognition from Ashir, University of Galway, Ireland.
MASF’s efforts have garnered recognition and appreciation from various organizations worldwide. Ashir from University of Galway, Ireland, recently acknowledged MASF as an official meetup in reference to Amazing News USA. This recognition opens avenues for further collaboration and discussion, enhancing MASF’s reach and impact.

Ashir singer with MASF, AFMDC aziz faitma medical and dental college Faisalabad


MASF, the Medical and Social Family, is a remarkable society formed by the students of Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College, along with students from other colleges and universities in Pakistan. Through their social, curricular, and extra-curricular projects, MASF strives to create positive change in society while empowering students to reach their full potential. Their unwavering dedication and attention to detail make MASF an inspiring example of how young individuals can come together and make a meaningful impact on their communities.


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