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Pakistani Singer and composer Ashir sadly reveal how music companies destroy his songs

Pakistani hidden talent Singer and composer Ashir

Young Pakistani Singer and composer Ashir says that Indian record labels just took ownerships of his original songs and when the times comes for song release companies release songs with bad presentation and didn’t spend money on promotions because of this my songs defamed, due to lack of promotions.  

Ashir Biography

Ashir is an Singer and composer. Ashir only believed to produce his original songs and he is doing music from 2014. In the begging Ashir work for different music arrangers then he started his own original music.

Ashir while playing piano

Young and aspiring Pakistani singer and composer Ashir is paving his path in the music business. The 27-year-old Singer and composer writes and performs unique songs. “Kaise Bhula Dun”, Bechain hu is one of his popular songs.


In a brief interview, Ashir explains that in order to assist with the creation and promotion of the song’s video, he sent a demo of the song to the Indian record label. After hearing the demo, the company’s content manager was impressed.

Ashir offered his song rights to company content head with mutual understanding that company will spend money to make a video and promote the song and Ashir will not asking for song royalty but after signing contract company took rights from Ashir but didn’t release song with video and also not invest on the song promotion then song defamed due to lack of promotion and destroy. Ashir sadly told that he contact many times to company that they are doing wrong but company didn’t listen to him and answer him that they will invest in future. 

Ashir said that Pakistan is economically failed and people don’t have money to survive well but we being an artist still invest in music but companies don’t care they just collect the rights of songs and just think one side benefits. 

Ashir Songs

List of songs sung by Ashir. Song Kaise bhula dun:

Top Pakistani singer

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