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POS Software for Hospital Gift Shop

The POS Software for Hospital Gift Shop is a solution that helps Gift shops and fancy stores complete control over their business by managing the sales, purchases, inventory, CRM, loyalty, and accounting in a single software. A Gift shop POS system helps retailers sell profitably by attracting customers with customized offers and discounts without affecting the margin.
Benefits of using a Hospital Gift Shop POS Billing Software:
1. They keep in touch with the customers and remind them in advance about special events, offer attractive discounts, and sell more.
2. Offer online ordering, and doorstep deliveries to the customer’s place and stay ahead of the competition with a good order processing system.
3. They track gift articles based on their categories and combinations.
4. They attract different target groups with customized offers and boost customer retention rates.
5. Know the latest trends, procure the right products, and satisfy the customers
Payroll Deductions:
They stop spending hours manually tracking payroll deductions for employees. They simple scan of an employee badge at the point of sale, Retail System can automate the process of charging employee meals on the account and transfer account the balance automatically to a payroll system for payroll deduction. Retail System Point of Sale supports employee badges that have magnetic stripes, barcodes, or RFID (contactless).
Employee Discounts:
With Retail System employees are given their specific discounts in the hospital gift shop automatically when scanning their badge. Employee discounting is another easy feat with our specialized hospital Gift Shop POS software, The ability to feed information into the Retail System database that indicates which items and employees are eligible for a discount. Additional features make it easy to not only when and where an item was sold but also the specific cashier and employee.
Interdepartmental Charges:
Many Gift Shops need to track changes to specific departments within the organization and spend many hours on labor tracking these charges in the cafeteria and then manually adding them to the accounting system. For accounting purposes, Employees of the Retail System can make the transaction at the point of sale both fast and secure. After transactions have been performed, Retail System Hospital POS can also automate reporting to accounting or integrate with third-party accounting systems.
Automated Menu Rotation and Scheduled Menu Changes:
When hospital Gift Shop has a menu that is on a rotation or is scheduled, they are often faced with two bad options. Either they have all the menu items displayed on the point of sale screen all the time which significantly slows down the checkout process because of all the time the cashier spends looking for the correct item to ring up, some manager has to make daily changes to the point of sale system to update the list of products that the cashier sees. They ability to schedule menu changes, and the correct menu items automatically appear at the point of sale every day without having to make daily changes and without having too many products. The Retail System gives you the best of both worlds.
Food Service and Retail Inventory Management:
The special adaptations that make Retail System Point of Sale uniquely suited for hospital Gift Shop inventory management include the ability to produce detailed reports of all sales from every area. It was a cup of coffee in the cafeteria or a teddy bear from the hospital gift shop.
Use Hospital Gift Shop POS to sell online:
The online retailing market is huge, with many customers preferring to shop from the comforts of their living rooms rather than travel to a store. Convenience is everything, and our integrated online store will allow your customers to order from your built-in free website and pick up directly from your store.
Keep track of all your daily cash flow:
You can easily manage your cash float from your POS, and keep track of all your hospital gift shop transactions. This includes every payment type you have accepted such as credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty points. The hike also keeps track of all refunds and every transaction is linked with a staff member’s profile.
Create Customer profiles:
They create customer profiles and associate transactions with the profile to automatically store and view buying history, preferences, and loyalty points. Integrate customer information seamlessly during checkout. Gain valuable insights into what your customers are buying and what items are selling well.

The Retail System-POS Software for Hospital Gift Shop provides management with key data to help find what strategies work, and when. POS Software is ideal for any gift shop that is looking to make a positive impact on its profits. With cutting-edge inventory management and point-of-sale capability. We set up Online Stores that integrate directly into your Retail System database.

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