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Roza the Amazon: A Story of Body Positivity and Superheroism


Breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of women worldwide. For many, the only way to survive is to undergo a mastectomy, the surgical removal of one or both breasts. This can have a profound impact on a woman’s bodypositive image and self-esteem, leading to feelings of shame and inadequacy. However, in the midst of this struggle, there is hope. Athenais Lisa Swan’s novel, Roza the Amazon, inspired by the film Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot, offers a new perspective on breast cancer survivors, presenting them as powerful superheroes that rise above their physical limitations. In this article, we will explore three key themes from the novel: body positivity, cancer survival, and the inspiration for Roza, the Amazon warrior.

Body Positivity

Roza Dubois, the protagonist of Roza the Amazon, is a 47-year-old single mother who has undergone a mastectomy to survive breast cancer. The novel explores her struggles to cope with the societal pressure to have a “normal” body again, as well as her own self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. However, when Roza is chosen by a magical artifact to become a superhero, she discovers a new source of strength and empowerment. The novel celebrates the beauty and strength of women of all shapes and sizes, offering a message of body positivity that is both inspiring and uplifting.

Cancer Survival

Breast cancer is a major theme in Roza the Amazon, and the novel presents a powerful and nuanced portrayal of the disease. Roza’s experience of undergoing a mastectomy and surviving cancer is raw and emotional, reflecting the real-life struggles of many women who face this disease. However, the novel also offers hope and inspiration, showing how Roza’s cancer survival enables her to become a powerful superhero and save the world from danger. By presenting cancer survivors as superheroes, the novel challenges the stigma and shame often associated with breast cancer, offering a message of hope and resilience to those who are struggling.

The Inspiration for Roza, the Amazon Warrior

Athenais Lisa Swan’s novel, Roza the Amazon, was inspired by the film Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. Like the Amazons of antiquity, who were also breast cancer survivors, Roza Dubois is a powerful warrior who rises above her physical limitations to become a superhero. The novel presents an empowering vision of women as strong and capable, challenging traditional gender stereotypes and offering a fresh perspective on superheroes. By drawing on the inspiration of Wonder Woman, Roza the Amazon presents a new kind of superhero, one that is both inspiring and relatable.


Roza the Amazon is a powerful and inspiring novel that celebrates the strength and resilience of breast cancer survivors. By presenting a new kind of superhero, one that is inspired by the film Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot, the novel challenges traditional gender stereotypes and offers a fresh and empowering perspective on cancer survival. For those who are struggling with breast cancer or who have undergone a mastectomy, Roza the Amazon is a must-read, offering hope, inspiration, and a message of body positivity. And don’t forget, you can read the first seven chapters for free on Google Play!

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