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The 6 Best Teeth Whitening Pens Of 2022, Backed By Top Dentists


“Tooth whitening pens principally work by making use of a layer of bleaching gel straight onto the enamel of the tooth,” says Lipari. “This gel usually consists of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide… The upper the peroxide focus, the extra important whitening impact the pen can have.” And as Veytsman mentions, these pens are fairly easy to make use of: “You simply paint it in your tooth and it fizzles the stains off, stopping them from settling into the enamel,” she says.

Nonetheless, the ingredient is tremendous sturdy (hydrogen peroxide has the facility to bleach materials, in any case!), and many individuals declare it will possibly make your tooth delicate. Plus, preliminary analysis has discovered that hydrogen peroxide can penetrate the enamel and doubtlessly degrade the proteins on this layer; it additionally has the power to disrupt your oral microbiome, because it’s extremely antibacterial.

That being mentioned, hydrogen peroxide is among the solely elements clinically proven to brighten tooth, so it is fairly tough to discover a peroxide-free system, even within the clear and pure house. “So when you’ve got delicate tooth, it might be advisable to begin with a product that has a decrease peroxide focus,” advises Lipari. “You additionally wish to keep away from getting the gel on the gum tissue to keep away from irritating the tissue.”

Whitening pens are nice to make use of in a pinch since they’re really easy to seize and use on the go. “Tooth whitening pens can be utilized after you eat or drink a teeth-staining meals or drink, equivalent to espresso, tea, or crimson wine,” says Veytsman. “In case you simply had espresso, I might advocate rinsing your mouth to get the entire staining liquid out and observe it up through the use of a tooth whitening pen.”

If you wish to use them for long-term whitening, nevertheless, consistency is vital—you’ll be able to’t anticipate a shiny movie-star smile with a single therapy. “”I like to recommend being according to the whitening pen for seven to 10 days whereas avoiding strongly pigmented meals and drinks for that seven- to 10-day interval,” Lipari suggests. Numerous pens have barely completely different directions, so do remember to observe the instructions out of your chosen product; typically, although, you could begin to see some outcomes after 10 days.


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