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The Walking Dead Recap: A New Kind of Walker Marches Into the Fray — Plus, Pamela Puts the Bite on [Spoiler]


Maybe establishing one other future spinoff, Sunday’s episode of The Strolling Useless launched a terrifying new type of walker — one that may flip doorknobs and climb partitions, and even has the brainpower to make use of a rock as a weapon. Thoughts you, as intelligent as this new pressure of the lifeless is, it nonetheless didn’t handle to get the higher of Aaron, Jerry, Lydia and Elijah as they holed up on the former web site of a Renaissance honest en path to Oceanside. The fearsome foursome fought off the assault and discovered within the ickiest method potential — when Aaron ripped the “masks” off of a Whisperer that wasn’t truly a Whisperer in any respect — that rumors of smarter walkers truly hadn’t been exaggerated.

By the point our heroes obtained again on the street, every part was each hunky and dory once more. Aaron had given Lydia a pep discuss that had satisfied her to not friend-zone Elijah for concern of dropping one other love, and Jerry was liking the thought of turning the Renaissance honest web site into one other Kingdom with himself and Nabila as its Ezekiel and Carol.

In the meantime, again on the Commonwealth, Pamela warned Mercer that an instance needed to be made of somebody for Sebastian’s dying and the riot that had resulted from his diatribe being broadcast — and that somebody didn’t have to be Max, not if the trooper might ship Eugene to the governor. Earlier than Mercer might achieve this, nonetheless, Max was apprehended and was fast to specific her disappointment in her brother. Princess, too, challenged him to be the higher man that she knew he was. As she ready to hit the street, he made the error of telling her that issues might be worse on the surface. However that line of BS had gotten her abused all through her childhood. So “f—ok that pondering,” she stated. “It might be higher, too. It needs to be.” Amen, Juanita!

The Walking Dead Recap: Season 11 Episode 19 — Smarter Walkers/VariantVisiting Lance’s cell, Pamela performed “Which hand am I holding the coin in?” along with her former right-hand man. He guessed appropriately, however nonetheless, she had Calhoun’s lifeless physique and Sebastian’s reanimated corpse introduced in as a ghastly technique of driving house the purpose that Lance actually was “on the household’s disposal.” As for poor Eugene, he refused to go away the Commonwealth with Daryl and Rosita. No method might Eugene abandon Max. That being the case, he gave Rosita his bolo tie for Coco, saying that “I do imagine that sooner or later she’ll have the fashion to tug this off,” and cut up from his pals to avoid wasting Max by turning himself in. And never solely did he take the autumn for his girlfriend, he insisted that he had acted alone. (Cue Mercer feeling like absolute s—t.)

Lastly, within the episode’s final moments, earlier than Rosita might depart from the Commonwealth, she was attacked. By whom, although? They weren’t troopers. Perhaps extra of Lance’s minions? What do you suppose? Hit the feedback together with your suspicions in addition to your general ideas about “Variant.”


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