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There May Be More to Helaena’s Ramblings on “House of the Dragon”



Among the many many, many Targaryens on “Home of the Dragon,” one household oddball stands out: Helaena, a younger Targaryen princess who might need uncommon powers. Helaena appears to have a present for foretelling the longer term, so is she one of many uncommon “dreamers” in Westeros?

What Are Dreamers?

Within the ebook “Fireplace & Blood” and all through George R.R. Martin’s “A Tune of Ice and Fireplace” collection, “goals” and “dreamers” play important roles now and again. Targaryen historical past consists of a number of individuals with prophetic talents, whose “goals” appear to foretell the longer term. Lengthy earlier than Aegon I got here to Westeros, his ancestor Daenys had a dream in regards to the destruction of Outdated Valyria, and in consequence, her household moved to Dragonstone and survived when the destruction finally got here to move.

Aegon I has a imaginative and prescient as properly, one which performs into each side of the tales we have seen on display to date. Known as the “Lengthy Evening” prophecy, the conquering king has a imaginative and prescient that a terrific menace will come from the north, bringing dying and winter and destruction except a Targaryen — the “prince who was promised” — sits on the throne. That prophecy drives the Targaryens to cling to energy now, and we see the end result of that prophecy — albeit with a barely completely different final result than Aegon envisioned — in “Recreation of Thrones.” These “dreamers” are comparatively uncommon, however they do exist, particularly inside Home Targaryen.

Is Helaena a Dreamer?

Helaena, the daughter of King Viserys and his second spouse, Queen Alicent, is an uncommon character at first look. She’s quiet, shy, and infrequently talks — and when she does, it appears nonsensical. As time goes on, nevertheless, it begins to seem that her nonsensical ramblings aren’t nonsense in any respect. In actual fact, they appear to precisely predict issues that occur to the individuals round her.

For example, within the sixth episode, when her mom tells her brother Aemond that he’ll have a dragon sooner or later, she mutters, “He’ll should lose a watch.” Positive sufficient, Aemond efficiently claims the dragon Vhagar, however within the skirmish that follows with the Velaryon princes, Lucerys Velaryon (Rhaenyra’s son) cuts his eye out.

Helaena has made one other prophecy, too, which appears to trace on the coming civil battle. At Laena Velaryon’s funeral, Helaena mutters, “Hand turns loom, spool of inexperienced, spool of black, dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread.” The “inexperienced” and “black” appears to discuss with the 2 factions (Alicent’s “greens” versus Rhaenyra’s “blacks”), though the opposite elements of her prophecy appear mysterious nonetheless.

The Beast Beneath the Boards

Within the ninth episode, one other of Helaena’s “goals” apparently comes true. When Alicent comes to inform Helaena about Viserys’s dying, Helaena all of the sudden whispers, “There’s a beast beneath the boards.” At first, it feels like extra nonsense, however the finish of the episode proves she’s proper as soon as once more. There is a “beast” beneath their ft: Meleys, Rhaenys’s dragon, lives beneath them, and Rhaenys bursts up via the ground using Meleys throughout Aegon II’s coronation.

Whereas nobody has come proper out and known as Helaena a dreamer, she actually appears to have some powers of prophecy, even when her predictions are generally arduous to know.


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