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Unique way to fix a call failed message on your iPhone

Have you ever received a call failed iphone message on your device? If yes then, I am sure that you will also agree that it is very frustrating and that is why we are going to tell you some very unique methods that will help you in fixing the same. You can refer to these simple and outstanding solutions that will assist you in the same. 

Unique and Awesome methods to fix Call Failed on iPhone

  1. Call *131#

The first method that you can apply is to call the number that we have given. This is the support number of iPhone and they will help you in fixing your issue so that you can make calls with your iPhone. 

  1. Enable and then Disable the Airplane mode

If your iPhone call failed then, you can also try to turn on then disable your airplane mode so that your iPhone can reestablish the connection with your service provider and make calls whenever you want to contact someone. 

There are other solutions too that you can try like restarting your mobile phone however, you need to refer to the website ITyug247 when you want to know about these solutions in detail so that you can use your iPhone to make calls. 

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