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Wheat Pete’s Word, Sept 7: Check strips, washing drills, adding seeds and filling bunks


What number of instances a season do you permit a take a look at strip? Many take a look at strips occur accidentally — like working out of pop-up fertilizer, or forgetting to show the sprayer again on — however classes realized from a take a look at strip are simply as priceless whether or not left on objective or due to a whoops.

On this week’s Wheat Pete’s Phrase, host Peter Johnson shares the outcomes of at the least one purposely-left strip, plus recaps some speedy hearth questions that got here up this week, like adjusting wheat seeding charges, taking out fall weeds however saving the clover, and anticipating corn vitality and tonnage.

Have a query you’d like Johnson to deal with or some yield outcomes to ship in? Disagree with one thing he’s stated? Depart him a message at 1-888-746-3311, ship him a tweet (@wheatpete), or electronic mail him at [email protected]


  • Self-contained protein packages? Eggs, my mates. Eggs!
  • It’s all concerning the promo. Spin and public notion, mates
  • What does Wheat Pete do with the phrase? Thanks for all of the constructive feedback, simply preserve at it, please
  • I like doing the Phrase, Johnson says
  • Dr. Dave Hooker, of Ridgetown Campus College of Guelph, goes to sort out corn physiology and tie it again to agronomy and the way it all works
  • Wednesday has been an superior day on the wheat markets. They’re up robust, you’re again into over $10 a bushel for  new crop week
  • Such an enormous distance between the haves and have nots this yr — such enormous variability within the climate, even inside a area
  • Good soil even has lifeless corn!
  • Nick at Strathroy measured the dimensions of cracks and so they went down 18″
  • In the meantime, even quick beans are podding up properly
  • Johanna asks what number of kilos of corn cob meal does it take to make a bushel of dry corn? Shopping for cob meal or standing corn for silage — pricing might be fascinating
  • Quick corn has respectable sized cobs, does that imply larger vitality within the corn? Perhaps, however should you’re attempting to fill the bunk, you’re going to want extra acres
  • Edible bean harvest is mediocre. Small seed dimension
  • Too quick to even pull, makes for poor windrows
  • Why are poor crops tougher to mix? So irritating
  • Pesticide ponderings: Including an insecticide to a spring burndown is frequent on this one space, as a result of it’s low cost. That’s a recipe for resistance and for eliminating your helpful mates!
  • The opposite aspect of that coin: Warren from Japanese Ontario sprayed for Western Bean Cutworm and left a test strip and to the LINE there may be WBC
  • Using pesticides once we want them is essential, however simply utilizing them as a result of they’re low cost doesn’t reduce it anymore
  • The Nice White mix in Western Canada has been cruel, shelled out a complete bunch of oats
  • We used to thresh grain by beating it with a flail after which throwing it up within the wind to separate the chaff from the grain — nature doing the threshing
  • Rain forecast for Monday, do I push as laborious as I can to get my wheat planted earlier than the rain Monday? At Drayton, YES.
  • Similar with winter barley and winter canola (Try The Agronomists on winter canola right here)
  • Corn silage: dairy farmers are getting quick on silage, they want feed. On good soil the place we’ve received affordable moisture that corn is inexperienced to the bottom
  • Why? It’s been comparatively cool. We’re utilizing fungicides that additionally offers us good keep inexperienced, we’re utilizing corn hybrids which have nice keep inexperienced. And the final half is that for a lot of growers with numerous manure within the historical past, we noticed this spring, very excessive nitrate launch from that repeated manure purposes
  • We don’t need to see any firing on the ear leaf, however the backside leaves one or two of them a bit of little bit of nitrogen deficiency just isn’t the worst
  • First rate pink clover after a wheat crop. However have winter perennial weeds, when do I take it out? It doubles its root development in October
  • Two well-known agronomists have given up with pink clover!
  • Good pink clover begets good pink clover, don’t stroll away for pink clover should you’re getting good stands, however should you’re not getting good stands
  • Dandelions might be managed into November, however perennial sow thistle wants a bit of sooner termination
  • We’ve got to get respectable climate, so a while in early to mid-October
  • New barn with sand bedding; how does it work into the sector purposes? It doesn’t do something good for you, man
  • 100,000 seeds per acre each 5 days previous optimum for wheat
  • MAP blended with the seed: wash the drill after instantly (it takes administration)
  • Are you able to go to fifteen gallons of 10-34-0 with the wheat seed? Sure, however how may you afford to try this?
  • Don’t do liquid manure with the coleoptile is near rising — both earlier than or after however not at emergence
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