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Where to Download the Srikanto Web Series?

Srikanto Web series is a Bengali Web series streamed on the Hoichoi ott platform.

It happens to be a musical replay depicted from “Amar Kathashilpi”.that is self-titled from Chattopadhyaya’s classic novel Srikanto. Srikanto web series Hoichoi was released on 14 April, 2022.

Overview of Srikanto’s Series

Genre                                                                                 Drama
Total Episodes                                                                     9
Director’s Name                                                              Sani Ghose Roy
Production House                                                           Acropolis Production
Release date                                                                    14 th April 2022
Language                                                                        Hindi, Bengali
Subtitles                                                                           English

What is Srikanto All About?

The Srikanto web series starts by focusing on the ups and downs of the protagonist Srikanto’s affair with Rajlokki. The relationship between Srikanto, a textile designer and Rajlokki is going through a rough patch when Abhaya keeping all things aside tries to be involved with  Srikanto. As the movie reaches the last episodes Piyali also turns up to be in a relationship with Srikanto. 

The Srikanto web series  comes as a narrative dealing with constantly evolving modern relationships.

Who is Who in Srikanto Web Series?

The characters of Srikanto, Rajlokki and Abhaya are played by Rishav Sarkar, Sohini Sarkar and Madhumita Sarkar respectively. The  director has also included younger Srikanto and younger Rajlokki as part of the cast watch more videos like that

Where Can You Watch Srikanto?

The episodes of Srikanto can  be easily streamed in high quality on the MX Player 1080 px as well as 720 px resolution on the website or in the app.

The full episodes of this intriguing series in the Hindi language can be streamed in high quality along with subtitles on various sites available. These sites are Telegram, Filmy Zapp,123 mkv and download hub, but it may be unsafe to stream content from these websites. These websites support pirated content, and watching and streaming pirated content is a crime in a few countries across the world.

In all, you can enjoy all 9 episodes the links to the Srikanta full episode are available on the MX  website player available:-

Episode NameWebsite
1. Nostalgiawww.mxplayers.in/show/
4. Passionwww.mxplayers.in/show/
8. Incompletewww.mxplayers.in/show/

Can You Directly Subscribe to Srikanto?

No. Interested users may subscribe to Hoichoi OTT which streams free episodes of the Srikanto web series in 1080 px, 720 px, 480 px and also 360 px. The web series comes both in Bangla as well as  Hindi. 

The Srikanto series(Hoichoi) can  freely stream all episodes onto the MX player and app. It may also be available for streaming on service providers such as Netflix, Hotstar, Voot and Jio Cinema.

The streaming in high print on 1080 px, as well as 720 px resolution, is available on various websites -Filmy wap,123 mkv, and download hub but again keep it as a reminder– prefer streaming Srikanto on the official MX player as various other websites are prone to stream pirated content that is considered illegal in many countries across the globe.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Srikanto(Hoichoi) is streamed on the Hoichoi app and its website first, and then only it can be streamed on other platforms such as Filmy wap,123 mkv, and many others.

Srikanto web series’ all episodes can be streamed on Torrent also. All the episodes can be downloaded through Torrent links.

Srikanto Review

Srikanto is an 18+, Romance and Drama Web Series. The series is really different in terms of features like cinematography and music making the Srikanto web series a  great option on Hoichoi OTT.

The creators of this movie have made a great attempt in placing the right cast, wonderful music, and editing feature. The director has also tried to put the cast in a distinguished, fresh, and positive vibe, thus putting up an enthralling streaming on display.
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