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Why Do Packaging Companies Use Kraft Material for Custom Boxes?

Packaging boxes are highly demanded. They are used in bulk amounts. Almost every business need packaging boxes for goods. When one thing is used in excessive amounts, it has its own pros and cons. For example, after using boxes, no one needs to keep them at home. People throw used boxes and you should know what are the circuses if the packaging waste is non-biodegradable. That’s why packaging companies are now opting for biodegradable packaging materials and Kraft paper is one of them. This material is recyclable under normal conditions. Other than that, some more reasons for using this Kraft material are:


Kraft paper is durable because it is resistant to crush and tear. Using this material. One can make strong packaging boxes. Custom Kraft Boxes are used by many companies. They get these boxes because they are suitable for a variety of products. The strong walls of these boxes can bear the weight. If one demands Kraft packaging boxes for heavy products, corrugated boxes are best to use. They can easily package heavy products in these boxes without worrying about damage. These boxes can store even sensitive products for a longer period e.g., food products, groceries, tissues, liquid products, and many more. One can even get Kraft bags or envelopes if required.

Protect Products with Kraft material

The durability of Kraft materials assists in protecting the products.  One can make durable boxes using Kraft packaging materials. If brands want to protect products from damage, they can get thick Kraft packaging boxes. Thick boxes have more ability to protect products than thin ones. Furthermore, Kraft paper is resistant to heat as well. If you want to protect the temperature of your goods, heat-resistant Kraft packaging boxes are a must-have. Thus, the durable and protective nature of Kraft material makes it the choice of packaging companies. Even the brand order custom Kraft packaging for their products.


Kraft paper is easy to recycle under normal conditions without requiring much machinery or chemicals. Even the recycling process of Kraft material is sustainable. Thus, it is not wrong to say that custom Kraft packaging boxes are sustainable and toxin-free. The aim of every business owner should be the betterment of the environment.

Sustainable Kraft packaging is the best option in this regard. One can recycle and reuse Kraft packaging boxes for other purposes as well. As there will be lesser packaging waste, the environment will improve on larger levels. Hence customized Kraft boxes are safe for the environment. As natural material such as water is used in manufacturing Kraft product boxes, the toxic wastes are lesser. So, Kraft packaging is better than plastic packaging. Plastic boxes not only contain chemicals but are also non-biodegradable. Thus, when it comes to making reliable packaging boxes, Kraft material is the best option.


The latest customization possibilities such as die cutting, printing, coloring, and coating techniques are easy to implement on Kraft materials. The flexibility of Kraft material allows one to modify it into any shape or size using die cutting technique. Die-cut product boxes come in a variety of styles to suit every kind of product. For example, Kraft display boxes are also available for cosmetics, food items, and also medicines.

Other than die-cutting, one can easily apply printing techniques to Kraft paper. Digital and offset printing techniques are much easier to implement on Kraft. Moreover, custom printed Kraft boxes containing brand name and logo is the demand of every business nowadays.

The printing of Custom Kraft packaging with images, graphics, animations, drawings, and typography makes tempting boxes for products. Other than that, one can easily use embossing, debossing, and gold or silver foiling techniques. Moreover, scoring, perforation, and window-cutting techniques are also easy to implement on kraft material. Thus, when a flexible material is available to use the latest customization techniques on it, then one should definitely use it.

Get A Variety of Boxes

As Kraft material is easy to modify per need, a variety of boxes are available. Whether one wants to print or non-printed boxes Kraft material is best to use. The natural beige brown color of Kraft packaging boxes also looks attractive but one can print the brand name or logo to make them more effective. Moreover, custom-designed Kraft boxes are available in a variety of styles such as cube boxes, rectangular boxes, one-piece or two-piece boxes gable boxes pillow boxes sleeve boxes tuck end boxes, and many more. If one wants window boxes to give a transparent view to customers, it is also possible with Kraft material. Furthermore, these boxes are easy to evaluate per product demand.

Final Words

The increasing demand for packaging boxes urges packaging companies to use the most reliable manufacturing materials. Many sustainable packaging materials such as cardboard, bux board, and cardstock are available and Kraft paper is also one of them. Its durability longevity sustainability and flexibility of it are its siding perks. Furthermore, one can design Kraft packaging boxes using the latest customization techniques. These boxes are easy to customize following trends and designs. Brands get wholesale Kraft boxes because they are sustainable packaging solutions.

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