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How To Fix iPhone OTP Not Receiving

Is your iPhone unable to receive OTPs? Unfortunately, apple iPhone users often have problems with OTPs. If you have repeatedly asked for it but have not received it, here’s what you should do. All possible causes and solutions to this problem will be discussed here.

Authenticating your account requires one-time passwords. Your registered phone number will receive an access code with four or six digits. In addition to social media, banks, and other websites, almost every other online service uses OTP.

How To Fix iPhone OTP Not Receiving

You should receive OTP on your phone number in time if you still need to receive the OTP on your account. Your account is more secure with OTP authentication. This iPhone OTP issue can be fixed by following these steps.

Make A New Otp Request

Most iPhone users have experienced not receiving their OTP in time. Upon expiration, OTPs are no longer valid. Requesting another OTP if the first one didn’t work is possible.

The ability to resend OTP is available on every web service, whether you log into your social media account or online bank account. However, there might be a server-side issue. For example, the OTP may not have been generated, or the network may be down.

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OTP Receive Via Call

Most people can solve the problem by resending their OTP. You will need to request a new OTP within a couple of minutes. You can also receive OTP by calling some web services (e.g., Google). You could also try the call option if you did not receive the OTP on your second attempt.

Your phone number will be automatically contacted with this option. In addition, your OTP number will be verbally spoken by an AI-generated voice once you pick up the call. After writing it down, you will need to enter this number on the login page. You can use this method when the text message option does not work on your iPhone.

Signal Check Of Network

Your iPhone’s lack of network signals may prevent you from receiving OTP in time. Activate airplane mode in the control center if you do not see a signal. Could you turn it off again after a few seconds? Your network signals will be reset as a result.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Mobile data > Network selection and turn off the Automatic button if you still don’t find any luck. The available networks will then be displayed. In addition, you can retrieve your network signals by selecting your network provider.

Charge Plan Check

Incoming calls and SMS may require an action plan from your network provider. A lack of an action plan could be why you are not receiving OTP on your iPhone. The official app of your network provider or the USSD code can be used to check your data balance. You can request another OTP if it shows a zero balance after recharging your phone.

Check Do Not Disturb Mode

It is also possible to block OTPs and other text messages with the do not disturb mode. Ensure you disable Do Not Disturb on your iPhone and send the OTP again if enabled. You can resolve your issue this way. Once you swipe down from the top right corner, tap the Do not disturb icon in the top right corner. To deactivate, press it again.

Make Your Phone Number Match

Are you sure that the OTP is sent to the correct phone number? Your phone number may have been registered on the website under a different phone number while you attempted to receive OTP on another number. You should check the last digits as well. Make sure they are associated with the iPhone number you currently have.

Your Carrier Can Help

If none of these steps have worked, you may contact your carrier:

  1. Contact the customer support manager if you are not receiving OTP on your phone number.
  2. Send yourself a normal text message.
  3. The issue may be specific to the OTP if you don’t receive any other texts.

Last Words

In the news, data breaches and password leaks are common. Online privacy is increasingly at risk in today’s digital world, so you can’t rely too heavily on normal passwords. To ensure your privacy and security, OTPs have become more widespread.

When OTPs are not received on time, it can be unpleasant. We discussed the solutions above for this problem, so if you have faced them, you should try them all. If you are able to resolve the OTP not received issue on your iPhone, please let us know.

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