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Revenger – 03 – Lost in Anime


Committing (even emotionally) to an Urabuchi Gen sequence is at all times a queasy feeling.  You’re leaping throughout that chasm hoping the ledge on the far aspect will maintain, and despite the fact that it appears to be like stable from the place you’re standing you’ve got a sick feeling it’s going to break down whenever you want it most.  Nonetheless, after three episodes I actually wish to make that leap.  I’m shopping for what Urobutcher is promoting thus far, and Fujimori Masaya’s course has lots to do with that, too.

I actually preferred the dialogue-free pre-open with Raizou and Nio this week.  The latter was exhibiting the brand new man round city – the components of city individuals like Reben-ji are susceptible to hang around.  Nio fails to boost a single tic from the fallen samurai’s emotionless visage, however he nonetheless reasonably enjoys himself.  Among the many spots Nio chooses is a shantytown on a hillside (Nagasaki looks as if nothing however hillsides – when you’ve been, you’ll know) the place the derelict and destitute congregate.  And there’s been a rise of their numbers, for causes that can quickly turn into clear.

Nio and Souji (Hayama Shouta) get a superb share of the main target this week, which roughly means all the gang have been formally launched.  There’s nonetheless lots we don’t learn about all of them, primarily how they acquired to this unusual level.  Souji looks as if a reasonably routine layabout keen on drink and playing – although he does have some expertise someplace between a ninja and Hisoka.  As for Nio, he could be the most unsettling determine within the solid.  His infantile method belies what seems to be a reasonably cold conscience, somebody fully inured to killing at a really younger age.

That trade between Nio and Yuuen about why Raizou was being admitted into the gang was fairly revealing, I believed – and it appeared clear Nio was asking these probing questions with himself in thoughts.  My tackle him is the lesson he’s taken from his life thus far is that stronger and smarter is all that issues – survive by no matter means essential.  As for Souji, he’s horrified when the doc dumps Raizou in his room as an uninvited visitor at his boarding home, as this can be a man who looks as if he would critically cramp his type.  Ostensibly there aren’t any rooms available on the town, but it surely’s additionally a matter of holding Raizou below wraps as a lot as doable, as his Satsuma killing spree attracted numerous consideration.

As for this week’s coin, it includes a neighborhood gangster named Sakata Shuusui (Hanawa Eiji), like all the opposite targets an actual piece of labor.  As we meet him he’s framing an sincere Buddha statue shopkeeper as an opium supplier as a result of the person refused to pay safety (which Nio is ok with).  Sakata additionally will get the person’s spouse to plant the proof, having turned her into an addict.  And the shantytown is stuffed with them, little question all attributable to Sakata.  That is the second time we’ve seen evildoers body innocents for the very crime they’re committing.  Sataka has gotten highly effective sufficient that the corrupt native Justice of the Peace Isarizawa Jinkurou (Koyasu Takehito) can now not flip a blind eye to him, and drafts the Reben-ji to to the soiled job of taking him out.

Isarizawa is one other very colourful addition, a sybarite who bases himself out of the pleasure quarter and has a trio of Indian musicians with sitar and tablas (that must be a rarity in Edo-period Japan) taking part in for him.  He’s derisively referred to as the “pajama patrol” (although to not his face, aside from by Yuuen), and a reminder of simply how rocky the ethical street the Reben-ji tread actually is.  All their victims up to now have definitely been evil SOBs, however there’s no sense of altruism to what these males (and boy) are doing.  I really feel as if I can see that realization in Raizou’s face, harboring no illusions that he’s on a path to redemption.  He’s merely killing time till he leaves this world, doing the factor he’s finest at.

Souji volunteers himself and drafts Raizou for this mission.  Upon arrival at Sakata’s villa – the place Nio does a bit of recon however misses one in his head rely – Souji sends Raizou in first, reasoning that he’ll be like a bull in a china store and roust the pigeons for him to shoot with ease.  However Raizou surprises him with strikes which are rather more assassin-like than samurai, proving how adept he’s at studying his new commerce.  Hardly ever has the demise of an evil character felt so unsatisfying – it’s apparent that these assassins are killing themselves simply as absolutely as their victims, simply much more slowly.  However then that’s the important pathos of many murderer tales – together with maybe the massively in style Hissatsu TV dramas that Revenger is outwardly an homage to.



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