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Demon Slayer Ranked on the Basis of Strength

The Hashira of demon slayer are the strongest demons. Gyomei Himejima is the strongest Hashira in demon slayer. He has huge strength and was the respected leader of the group. Each Hashira has unique fighting techniques. 

Hashira ranked on the basis of their strength are:

  1. The insect Hashira- Shinobu Kocho:

She is the second active Hashira, behind Giyu Tomioka. Her birthday is on 24 February. She debuted in chapter 28 of Manga and episode 15 of anime. Giyu Tomioka makes an appearance in the first episode of the series. She kills the demons by extracting special poison from wisteria.

  1. The mist Hashira- Muichiro Tokito:

Debuted in chapter 44 and episode 21 of the anime. His birthday is on 8 August. He captured the rank of Hashira just after two months of joining the Demon Slayer corps. 

  1. The love Hashira- Mitsuri Kanroji:

Debuted in chapter 44 and episode 21 of anime. Her birthday is on 1 June. She is recognised by her pink and green hair. She shows great love towards her fellow demon slayers. She joined demon slayer corps to find husband who is stronger than her. Her sword has whip-like flexibility makes it difficult for demons to assume.

  1. The snake Hashira- Obanai Iguro:

His birthday is on 15 September. He is recognised by a white snake wrapped around his neck and the bandage he wears over his mouth. He is partially blind by birth. 

  1. The sound Hashira- Tengen Uzui:

Debuted in the chapter of Manga and episode of the anime. His birthday is on 31 October. He has fast paced fighting skills. He insists that he is not talented while talking to Gyutaro and Daki during their fight. But he stands fearless in the fights. He is an incredible winner. 

  1. The wind Hashira- Sanemi Shinazugawa:

Debuted in a chapter of Manga and an episode of anime. His birthday is on 29 November. He puts his loudness and hatred of demons on displays in season. He attacks the strongest demon Nezuko in her box. His brother, Genya, is also a demon slayer. He is a strong swordsman among other Hashira’s. He has a great speed in fighting.

  1. The water Hashira- Giyu Tomioka:

Debuted in an episode of anime. His birthday is on 8 February. He shows calmness in the battle that allows him to dispatch enemies with terrifying ease. 

  1. The flame Hashira- Kyojuro Rengoku:

Debuted in a chapter of Manga and the episode of anime. His birthday is on 10 May. He shows incredible strength in the battle. He combines the strength of flame breathing with his confident demeanour to make horrifying demon slayer. 

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The Harashi’s have different styles of fighting. Each one has different powers like one has water power, flame power, wind power, sound power, insect power, love power. The stone hashira Gyomei Himejima sheds tears for his fellow demon slayer. He is most respected harashi due to his immense strength. 

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