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What Is Social Media Marketing | How It’s Important For Us

Anyone and Everyone online is trying to market themselves, while some spend a fair share of their time doing it for professional use, some of us are trying to create a social media presence. Either way, we end up marketing a product, service, experience, or even ourselves! 

Social Media Marketing begins with the idea of using social media apps as a marketing tool and revolves around it. For instance, If I were to go online looking for a pair of shoes, I would see recommendations for the same all over my social media platforms. In this case, shoes are required, and social media is the medium.

As an individual and a fellow shopper, I enjoy occasional pop-ups of new and discounted lip shades on my Instagram. The hassle of going all the way to their website, enabling notification to new offers, I can scroll through my entertainment log and enjoy a one-stop shop. So let’s dig into this post to see why Social Media Marketing is important.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

If we were to broaden our understanding of how this works, we can simply look at our following on Instagram. You are sure to find at least one firm or person trying to market something. If I let you in on a little secret, all entertainment you are to see on social media platforms is altered and sold to you curated specifically to fit your relative term of entertainment. With the advent of social media influence on our lives we are sure to enter a new and fun arena of marketing altogether, whilst heading onto new advancements we retrace our steps to the barter system as well. We hand over our information to these social media sites, which they use further to gauge our preferences and tailor their services to our needs. It’s almost like having a salesman follow you around a shopping mall, taking you to all the places you might like.

How has Social Media Marketing Become Part of Our Life?

Considering how social media has now become a huge part of our lives, it is not only limited to connection, furthering its branches to the infotainment sector, we bluntly believe what we see online. Gone are the days when we followed and supported yellow journalism powered by tidy news anchors backed by politicians. We can now select the information we need to buy, research perspectives, form and share opinions, counter false accusations, and whatnot. 

  • Social media marketing is not only limited to tangible goods, it successfully conquered areas of intellectual ability. 
  • Connectivity has also enabled us to reach a fair share of the audience, and get our brand name out there. The tedious process of pulling the market to your product has been replaced with pushing your product into the market. We have indeed come a long way, from distrust of online stores to capture a fair share of the market area via online stores. 
  • If we look at this from a bird’s view, is social media marketed to you or did you end up marketing social media via shares?

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